Monday, June 23, 2008

The Birthday Week

Birthday: The day you were born.

Now it's turned into the day to have fun, celebrate, eat cake and laugh. Jason had his 33rd Birthday this past week. Since we've been married we have adopted a new theme to birthdays, learned from Diana, it's the BIRTHDAY WEEK! It is not only a day but a week full of events. I love it. Especially when it's my turn.

So this past week we were busy! It started with our housewarming party then it all went into the Birthday week. Monday was the KEG for dinner with his immediate family. I had the shrimp and he opted for a big juicy steak. Then we enjoyed my home-made white cake with strawberries and cream/whipped topping. Present time was next! Jason scored with a necklace from me and guitar lessons, and from Diana.... a MINI helicopter to fly around the house. I must add that it nearly took my ear off last night when he was flying it for mine and Rosie's entertainment.

Tuesday Jason had his night of volunteering at Children's hospital where he held a newborn baby for a few hours. I'm sure that brought him back to his childhood sensations.

Once Friday rolled around it was time for more fun! Jason's long time friend Andy came over and made us a yummy dinner of Kabobs on the BBQ. We sat out on the patio with our new lawn set and watched the sunset, talked, ate food, and had drinks. A little later my little brother stopped by so I ended up having a night with the boys. My bed time rolled around and I left them to the garage, ping pong table and beer.

Saturday was party time! We started with a taxi ride to Trader Vic's for dinner. We had a private room with Jerry as our head waiter. The food was to die for. We started with the Pu Pu platter which is nothing to "poo poo" about. The drink menu was larger than the dinner menu, that's my kind of place! My aloha cup and Jamaican punch was tipsy. Then for dessert we had the molten chocolate cake and lemon drop shots. We had our close friends there and the dinner couldn't have been better, we even had our own volume for the music (turn it up Jason!). Lastly we headed to LUCKY STRIKE. Now this is an upscale bowling alley if I've ever seen one. My shoes went so well with my short shorts and black top. I started out the game winning and ended loosing but life is full of ups and downs. Jason had a permanent smile the entire night. So much fun. Fun Fun Fun. I love my life. I love Jason. I love having fun friends, family and laughter.

The birthday week ended with breakfast out and a relaxing day of hubby and wife time.
Love. It's great.