Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adenoids anyone?

We've had one sick girl on our hands lately!
I'm not joking when I say that she's been sick since September, she really has.
After many Doctors visits, three ER visits and more than 150 nights of interrupted choking, snoring, tossing and turning nights we have found out that Lyla will most likey need surgery to have her adenoids removed.
The above collage depicts a family full of smiles and laughter. We are definitely that, but I can add that the night prior to this I picked Lyla up from school and was vomited on numerous times.
Sometimes looks can be deceiving. 
We still smile and we still have fun.
As the Fulton family, we don't want to be stopped!

Many thanks to all those that have helped us during Lyla's rough patch.
We are anxiously looking forward to her feeling better and being a "healthy, happy" three year old girl~!
By the way... have you ever been deprived of sleep for three years? I can't imagine how Lyla feels but I can tell you it's been hard on all of us.
Lack of sleep really puts a toll on the brain cells, I'm eagerly trying to accumulate those back again.