Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just a rough patch along the way...

A lot can change in a day.
You can be healthy and then get sick, really sick.
Life can whiz by your eyes.
Looming thoughts enter your mind as your family's future whirls through your mind.
Yeah it is... but it's a reality.
My sweet dear hubby recently got sick with what we thought was the flu and it wasn't.

Yeah! What the heck?
It made us think long and hard...
Will he ever be able to eat fun fattening food again?
Can he have a beer?
Can he work out?
Can he work?
Will the pain be life long?
When will he get better? Will he ever be better?
Did I say can he have wine?
Can we go to happy hour with cheese, crackers and Syrah?
With Pancreatitis you can't do these things.
Luckily we saw a specialist yesterday and he thinks it was a VIRUS.
That means it will go away (hopefully).
Now he can slowly add some fat back in to his diet in small amounts.
No beer, wine or pizza yet and a break from working out.
We'll take it day by day and PRAY.

To top it off, Lyla and I got the stomach flu... top  to bottom (no pun intended).
No Easter for us.
We stayed at home in PJ's and watched Lilo and Stitch and Lion King.
We had our family time, the three of us.
Saltines, 7-Up and movies.
We prayed, and we had our own Easter day.
Positive thoughts for the future!

P.S.  Times like this make me think about having another baby just to make my little family bigger.
Did I just say that?