Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100th post!

I couldn't help it, I just posted and saw that I was at my 99th post... I had to make it to 100! Wow, I can't believe I have actually written in this blog/journal for one hundred entries! That pleases me.

My goal in starting this blog was to keep an online journal of my life. It may be sporadic, but at least I have some proof of my thoughts and doings on a regular basis. I love love love to read other people's blogs. I could sit for hours and read crafty decorating blogs all day long. I can't do that because I'm a mommy and a PA. Don't get me wrong, I'm at home right now and it's 8:47pm and I just got done reading the Tom Kat Studio blog to get inspired for Lyla's Birthday!

If you know me, I love themes.
I wish I had more time to create parties, events, and celebrations and I guess I would need endless money to do this.
Anyhow, the theme is.... (drumroll please)
Invites made by myself with the help of my crafty Silhouette SD
Her party will be held at her favorite gymnastics location and we will have orange and pink decor. Lyla loves her gymnastics class, she loves her family and friends and loves loves loves cake and ice-cream! I think it will be a blast!

I hope to make some cookie pops via the tutorial I just read at Sweetopia and also package up my favors for the little munchkins soon. Time to stop reading and start CRAFTING!

Can't wait to run around with my little on!
There is always reason to celebrate!


Girls Night!

What does girls night mean to you?
To Lyla and I it means...
singing loud
running in circles with Mr. Bear
merry go round
dancing the hokey pokey
swimming together
running around the house and hiding
reading books
making dinner together
chocolate milk
more snuggles

No boys allowed!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Everyone Poops!

I have been taking Lyla to swim lessons on Mondays. I try to be the "ideal" mom and do all of the FUN things with Lyla. Before I had Lyla I used to daydream about having a daughter and being best friends with her, hanging out, and baking cookies. In my dreams I was "Martha Stewart" and she was a cute blond with curls (I got her right on).

For example, swimming, gymnastics, parks, walks, educational activities, play dough, bubbles, playing house, reading books, running, screaming, dancing, eating Popsicles, making cookies, getting dirty, and painting our nails. Lately one of her favorite books is EVERYONE POOPS. She's obsessed with it.

Sometimes these play times are as I imagined, and sometimes they go the opposite. Here's a great example:
SWIM: Our class is in Bellevue with moms that pull up in Mercedes mini-vans and snooty looks on their faces. On the other hand, I come rushing in with sweats on, my hair pulled back and oily/frizzy from not washing it that day, no makeup and possibly food stains and/or oatmeal in my hair and Lyla's hair. (Don't judge)
We rush to get undressed, put on the appropriate swim diaper, swim caps and head to class. You see, the instructors are very strict with wearing proper poop protecting clothing. Their biggest fear is that a child will poop in the pool and shut down water babies for a day, this would be the end of the world! They are also strict on swim caps, they do not want dreadlocks of hair swishing around in the heated Bellevue pool. This too would end the world.
We proceed to sit listen and wait and then enter the pool. Lyla holds on to me for dear life. She loves the water but she loves me more...therefore she would rather kiss and rub her mom than float on her back with her ears in the water.
A couple of Mondays ago we were singing and swimming in a circles as instructed.
Lyla joyfully announced "POOP" at the top of her lungs. 
I'm not joking, I think every mom turned to give me the look of death.
What? Your baby doesn't poop?

Okay, Okay... I took her out of the water while she continued to say "Momma... POOP...mom, POOP...pooppoopooppooooop".

As I gracefully took her out of the pool I felt warmth down my leg. I checked her diaper and it was clear. Ohhh... it was PEE! Lyla had to pee.
She thinks the words are interchangeable.
I peeked in her diaper and it was clear.
We re-entered the pool and the teacher quickly said "Did you get everything taken care of?" I happily replied yes and explained that she did not need to POOP.
Lyla chirped in and said
"No mom, POOP! poopooop!" She then patted her butt.

I smiled. Reassured the teacher, and returned to class as the poop outcast.
She then ripped off her swim cap and threw it in the water. What a rebel!
It makes me smile. 
She is a crack-up!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1..2...3..4... Updates!

My baby girl

Tall, blond, blue eyes, curly hair

I love these things about LYLA.
She runs so fast to me when I come home from work.
 The pitter patter is heart stopping.
She puckers her lips, kisses me hard, hugs me, and caresses me.
That girl loves her momma and I love her.


WORDS: Just a few as I can't keep track!Pretty much mimics anything I say (watch out).
Grace (RACE)
Grandma (instead of mawh mawh)
Orange (AARNGE)
Play (peelayh)
Counting to four...1...2....free...oure.....sometimes ive.....
Ro Ro Bite, Ro Ro Bite... RO RO BITE!

Running fast
Climbing up the slide herself and going down while screaming "WEEeeee"
Dancing like there's no one watching
Throwing balls
Laughing loud and hard
Eating like there's no tomorrow
Helping me cook and do things around the house
Raking and sweeping
Sleeping in her big girl toddler bed all night long
Only nursing at night