Sunday, March 29, 2009

All about Baby

This is day number 195 and you're 27 weeks pregnant!
You have 85 days or 12 weeks left, and are 69.6% of the way there.
Baby's age since conception is 181 days or 25 weeks.

Well that puts it all into perspective. This means, hurry up Angela and Jason, I'm a coming! The above pictures are so fun! That's Jason working on Lylas room and me doing my favorite thing, baking and bellies! Yum-O!

It's strange to see my stomach wave. What I mean by this is that I can actually see it popping, moving, conforming, changing and kicking. Lyla kicks and moves so drastically that my stomach is visibly moving through my clothing. It goes in waves and little parts poke out each time. It's so neat! I love setting my hand on there when she's dancing around. I can only envision her little cute body pushing on me.

We took our first pre-natal class yesterday. It was "ALL ABOUT BABY". Wow, lots of preggo mamas there! Jason and I learned to swaddle, bathe, soothe, comfort, and diaper change our baby. This may seem like nothing to some of you, but we really know nothing about babies or how to care for them. This was a highly educational class at Evergreen Hospital and we left knowing so much more than when we walked in those doors. I think Jason and I can now swaddle with the best of them! Jason asked some pretty good questions in class "How long will we be in the hospital?" (he then whispered to me, so you can pack enough clothes, you know?) "What should the water temperature be for the bath" (I whispered.... I registered for that ridiculous little duck that tells you if the water is too hot or not). It was so much fun and really a bonding time for Jason and I. After six hours of learning all about baby we went home as soon to be partially educated freaked out parents. Our Labor and delivery class starts on April 9th and that is a five week series, can't wait to hear all about the pain I will shortly be experiencing.

I'd like to end this blog just by saying that I have the best husband in the world. He pampers me, and lets me do whatever I want. It's the small things that count and I just want to say that since I've been pregnant he's done multiple little things for me that mean the world. In turn I bought him his renewal subscription to X-Box Live.... so that means I'm a good wifey too!

Just some of the things:
Asking me what I'm craving each and every day and giving into my cravings.

Going to Red Apple with me on a Friday night for mint ice cream and a cadburry egg.

Pulling me and my belly into our highly propped bed each night.

Opening my door.

Carrying my purse wherever we go because he is worried about my shoulder (even though I insist on carrying it).

Telling me I look beautiful.

Going to each and every appointment.

Being a proud and excited husband.

Laughing with me and at me.

Making funny faces with me.

Sitting at home with me.

Taking care of me.

Buying me Gerber daises.

Loving me and Lyla.

Man..... I'm one lucky girl!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The View from Above

So this week we managed to at least get the baby's room taped up and prepped for the pink paint that will soon overtake the walls. The chair-rail was put up by my contractor brother, Raf. He did a spectacular job. The next goal.... the actual paint. Sometimes I think I have all the time in the world but the other day when I looked at the calendar I realized that I only have three months. So does that mean I should try to sleep in every day for the next three months since I will not be able to enjoy those extra minutes in the morning anymore? No, I don't think that's what it means. The fact is, it is now harder to sleep. Not only because I have a baby bump but because of the countless lists of things that run through my head on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure we'll get it done in the end, well, I hope.

Lyla kicks like a gymnast. She's so adorable. She loves it when I eat and I think she is actually doing cartwheels after a meal in enjoyment. Trust me, she's not lacked any sort of nutrition on my part. Jason is starting to become more attatched each day. He said to me yesterday that every morning he thinks my stomach is larger and larger (I took that as a compliment).

We planned a last minute trip to California during the first week of April. We will be able to visit Jason's dad and two other siblings. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some sun and my agenda is to relax.

Lastly, the invites for my shower were sent out and they are just the most adorable thing ever! The giggles, the dllies, the shirts that twirl, Angela is having a baby Girl!

She's just around the corner..........

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full Face or Full Belly?

My stomach has popped out, literally. My lab jacket at work is in need of a new button, as it popped of. I knew it was time to keep the jacket open.....she's coming!
My back pain isn't any better which has put a hamper on me working out, or should I say I can't really work out anymore. This makes me so sad and it makes me want to sit around and do nothing to repair my back. In turn, I've heard the comment multiple times "you have a full face, I can really see the pregnancy in your face." How do I take that? Well I guess the M&M's are showing in my cheeks which is making me look full and the lack of working out is really showing. What can I do but try yoga! So tonight after a long day of work I tried some yoga which did help. I think I may attend a Pregnancy Yoga class this Saturday. I'll let you know how that goes, I'm quite excited!
This sounds like all complaints but it's not. My pregnancy has been so simple. Not a day of sickness, not a bit of nausea, nothing. So I can't complain. I have a healthy beautiful little girl in me and she loves to kick. She may be tall just like her dad!
Every day I am getting more and more excited. I can't wait for my baby shower and to get her room together. We ordered her crib and the changing table. It's a deep Cherry wood. It will arrive in about 8 weeks hopfeully! The bedding set I picked out is Pink and Brown from Babies R Us. Last weekend Jason and I made a trip to Home Depot and picked out some pink paint colors, we have decided on one of them and the project may begin this weekend.
It's a miracle feeling her moving around in me, I can even palpate body parts when she shoves them against my uterus, it's so neat! I can't wait to meet her and I hope she comes out smiling just like my husband.
That's it for now and I'll leave you with a nice belly shot... Hugs!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thursday Funny

pregnancy cartoon
This comes from my heart. I had Rocky Road ice cream twice this week and a Dairy Queen Mint Girl Scout Blizzard last week. I have no regrets.... I will later though.