Saturday, July 17, 2010


We made it to Hawaii and back, and we are all alive and well! 

Wow, what an accomplishment. 
I fretted for days about the five and a half hour plane ride. Being the typical "Type A" personality that I am, I imagined every possible thing that could possibly go wrong. I packed a backpack filled with new toys for Lyla that she had rarely played with (pink baby laptop, cellphone, storybooks, giraffe), snacks that delighted her taste buds (dried fruit, chicken, yogurt, cheerios), plenty of diapers, wipes for the seats and ourselves, a change of clothes (I ended up using that on the flight there for blowout #1), Tylenol, and lastly I tried to pack my sanity. On the plane ride there we had two children in front of us and that was great! They sure didn't mind Lyla pushing the seat back and forth for a few hours. I couldn't believe it when we landed she had not cried, melted down, or even had a temper tantrum. She was my DREAM BABY!!! 

That was just the beginning of our perfect family vacation. Lyla is traveler at heart. She loved the beach, the crowds, the commotion and all the people giving her attention.

We went to Oahu for my dear friend Melanie's wedding. It was picture perfect. Nothing could have been more dream-like. She looked like a barbie doll and her wedding was lovely. I was so lucky that she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and help with the festivities. 

All in all, the vacation sped by, but every second of it was fun!
The fretting was for nothing. Lyla took naps, she slept through the night in our pack and play, she swam in the ocean, was quiet at the wedding, danced on the dance floor, smiled at everyone, laughed, cried, sang, spit and loved life! We had a marvelous time. Let's go back!!!