Saturday, September 26, 2009

Loving Lyla

I love her.....
nose with the perfect pointed tip
soft blond hair
long piano fingers
toes that have strength
sleepy red eyes that she rolls into the back of her head
no neck that disappears
crooked smile when she's barely falling asleep
new found yell that is so "girlie"
grunts before she falls asleep
drool bubbles
ears like her Daddy's
shy smile when I come home from work
ability to make me melt
I just love her.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lyla has her own language. It's the "goo goo" language. We have whole conversations with the goo goo and it goes pretty well. It typically starts with her smiling at me (which melts my heart) then a bit of bubbly drool comes out of her mouth, soon after that she lets out her drawn out "ggggoooooooo" and I say "goo goo goo" and she smiles quite large, turns her head side to side and says "goo!". We can go on for hours. It amuses me and somehow my ten hour days at home fly by with just the word goo coming out of my mouth. The fact is, I love it, and I love her! GOOOO!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I just love having my own family and Lyla loves her grandparents! She met her first horse, Kat! Oh the joy, I'm sure she had no idea what the big brown thing that smelled funny was. She also probably had no idea why I dressed her up in a bear outfit that her Uncle Raf gave her..... someday she'll understand. I love her so much. My little Lyla.