Monday, November 15, 2010

She's growing up....

When I was pregnant, people told me "it will fly by" and I savored the moment. After I had Lyla everyone told me "it will fly by" and I still savor the moment. I don't need a reminder, I know that days whiz by and I take every second of it into my memory bank and relish in all my moments with Lyla. Don't get me wrong, I'm one busy lady but I have my priorities. I am realizing that I cannot be a size 2, I can't look perfect, and things won't always be as I envision them to be. Sometimes I have food on my clothes, my hair is thrown back and my car is filled with crackers, cheerios and snacks to the point where I may drown in carbs. That's okay, because then I can enjoy every second with my daughter. Yes, my photos are piling high and I can't scrapbook like I used to, nor can I make homemade cards for all the occasions, and I even forget some occasions as well (I'm sorry for that.)

On the flip side, I'm playing with Lyla, running around, spinning in circles, screaming, laughing, throwing our bodies on the floor, kissing, hugging, and chasing each other all over the house. Now, what's more important here?? I'm pretty sure it's all the active and  fun memories! So my extra love handles will have to wait a little bit so that I can run circles with my pretty little gal. So props to all you moms out there that can look perfect but my life isn't perfect. it's sweet though, and simply what I want.

Here's a quick update on Lyla:
She loves to sit in her crib and have every single one of her stuffed animals with her.
She runs, and does it well.
Her hair is getting thicker and has pretty curls!
She doesn't love chicken as much as she used to, but still loves to eat, and prefers new menu items daily!
She learned to sign "I love you" today! (it's so cute!)
She signs full sentences "more water please".
She roars like a lion when she sees a picture of one or her stuffed lion.
She absolutely adores READING, she prefers curious George books and the alphabet book. 
She makes the "ssshhhh" sign when she sees the wheels on the bus book.
She hates toe jam and says "ewwww" and will hand it to whomever is within reach.
She tells me when she wants to go to bed (usually 7pm) and goes without a fight.
She points at her teeth before bed to brush them.
She loves her cat, Rosie. 
She will randomly hug and pat me on the shoulder and kiss me, and it feels amazing. 
She mimics Jason sneezing. 
She is still nursing (that will end soon).
She says "hi" and "bye" and smiles.
She will shake your hand when she meets you. 

She is my life. 
She makes the world turn, spend some time with Lyla and you will feel sparks! 

Where is Lyla?
My family
The girls!
Such a serious little face.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Nail biter, Thumb sucker, Lip licker

I grew up as one of those little girls that sucked her thumb, bit her nails and licked her upper lip until it was chapped and raw. I specifically remember the stinging pain associated with this. I remember my mom and/or dad walking into my room at night (thinking I couldn't hear them) and them attempting to pull my whole support system out of my mouth, my THUMB.
It was my lifesaver! When I was sad, my thumb was there for me. When I was tired, my thumb was there for me, you get the point.....They even tried that polish on my thumb and nails that makes it yucky to bite, I went right through that like it was cake. I even would bite on my thumb so hard that it had a split in the middle of it, now it shows a faint scar from this past addiction.
Eventually I grew up, and I learned that it wasn't "cool" to suck your thumb when you are older. I stopped licking my lip but I continued to bite my nails.
This addiction did not stop until I was 24 and away in Montana doing an internship at an Indian Health Hospital. For some reason being stuck on a desolate reservation as one of the few non-Indian tribe members gave me the courage I needed to fight the addiction. This was also paired with the fact that it was -9 degrees, yes, NEGATIVE nine and I had big ski gloves on my hands at most times except when I was removing someones appendix or gallbladder when I had the luxurious sterile surgical gloves on. I was so excited to get my first manicure and tell my new husband (just married) that I had beat the dreaded biting addiction! I got them painted a pretty pink the day before flying home.
As with most addictions, there has been ups and downs and lately it's been a downer. For some reason (stress, life, running around, the lack of proper workouts, being a mom, working, household stuff, whatever) I have succumbed to the biting again! Actually I think I was biting one nail while I paused to write this.
The sad part of the story is that Lyla is now putting her hands in her mouth and munching down on them. This if anything should open up my eyes that I need to stop biting my nails. Just like some people (I'm not naming names) need to stop saying SH_T. Fill in the blank. Lyla copies all of this. She did say "Oh SH_T" after her blocks fell over the other day. (Bad mommy moment, I did laugh a little) I will add that it's not me saying this word it's someone else we live with (I'm sure you can figure this out).
So with a half smile on my face and my bitten down nails I am now proclaiming a new journey to stop biting my nails and to stop telling myself that my stomach looks fat and to stop being negative about some things so that Lyla does not take those traits on as well.
I hope that she takes on my other good traits (crafts, creativity, baking, cooking, card making, my love for learning, smiling, laughing, going for walks, and loyalty)

Okay, cheers to a new day and a new beginning of french manicures and smiles!