Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Lyla

My dear sweet, beautiful, intelligent, happy, bouncy, little Lyla,

Wow. You are two.
I can't believe it. Nor can I remember much of my life prior to you arriving.
Your tight curls, blue eyes and beautiful fair skin are breathtaking.

Last night when you fell asleep on my lap in our rocking chair I just sat and starred.
Your small fingers clung tight to my shirt and your face was smashed against my soft belly.
(I say soft because it's a Mommy's belly now)
I felt each breath on my tummy and watched you so quietly.

Each  night it takes me one hour to put you to bed.
We start with quiet time after you finish running around and tumbling with da-da.
You still want to nurse each night.
We read books, about ten of them.
I get choked up  thinking about my intense love for you. I never knew I could feel this kind of love. It makes me happy, jittery, excited and so proud to be your mommy. This intense love also brings fear, guilt and sadness. I worry about you all the time. I don't want you hurt, and yes, you have fallen and scared the heck out of me. Recent tragedies in society have made me cling even tighter to you.

I don't care how long it takes to put you to bed. I'll sing to you forever.
If you want to sit on my lap while I use the potty, that's fine... you're only little once.
You can hide under my robe in the morning every day, even if it's hard for me to move around.
I'll always be here for you, to wipe your boogies, tears and bum.
I empathize with your sorrow when you can't get your way and hold you to make you feel better.

You are my best little buddy. Thanks for making us complete.The three of us can accomplish a lot in life!


Friday, July 8, 2011



Lyla and I had so much fun making home-made blueberry Popsicles!
I think she had more fun eating them!
We then proceeded to find a random bug on the floor.
She loves to look at them, save them and blow them away into the grass.
Daddy and her worked on taking care of this bug and sending it outdoors to it's home to be with it's own little bug family.
Lyla cried after she blew it away.
I think she wanted it to stay on her arm forever.

Kids are so innocent.
A bug makes them smile, it makes me cringe.
I wish I was young again.