Friday, May 28, 2010

I heart Ben Franklin

I can't handle it! I went to Ben Franklin today and got all sorts of new stuff for crafts. Lyla actually fell asleep and I truly had about one hour to walk around and be mesmerized by all the crafts. Now, all I need is time and some space to do it all. I asked my dear hubby if he could possibly take Lyla for a walk fora couple of hours so I could do some crafting! I'll let you know! Cheers!Photobucket
P.S. I dream about crafting, that is how much I love it... it's like a drug to me! XOXO

Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy as a bee!

Wow, we have gone through so many changes lately!
Lyla has been growing like a beautiful weed. She is tall, healthy, and happy. Her abilities are amazing. She can now scoot, crawl, and even pulls herself up to stand on her own. She is a strong and powerful little girl. She loves to clap, scream, laugh, smile and throw her arms in the air and just be silly. After going through months of tough times with colic and fussiness, she has now become a happy, very happy, beautiful baby girl. I'm so proud of her. To top it off she can talk (mom, dad, hi) and she can sign! She signs milk, and all done. She will even tell me when she's done eating her cottage cheese but point to the chicken that she still wants to eat. That brings me to pointing, she points at all objects that interest her. Her main interests now are noses, teeth, eyes, smiles, smoke detectors, our cat Rosie and anyone that will smile and play with her. She loves her family and her extended family. She is one loved girl.
She is strong willed and sensitive. She knows what she wants and she will have her way at telling you. Also, if she doesn't want something she will be the first to let you know. Our main challenges are when she does not want to get into the car seat she dives across it to the seat and I have to pull her back up and hold on to her for dear life. All the while she screams as if the world were coming to an end at any moment. Sometimes she even cracks a smile at me in between these wailing cries. Our most recent difficult hurdle was her "nursing strike". After a biting incident where I scared her with my scream she decided she did not like it when I scream. Therefore she refused to nurse for 3 days. She wouldn't come close to me to eat... she flat out refused. Those three days were hard and filled with pumping and preparing food for her. Finally, day four, she decided she wasn't mad anymore. She's back to her old self now. Mommyhood is filled with joys, laughter, cries and monumental moments. Even though we've had some tough times, it is those times that open my heart beyond my imagination on a daily basis. I never knew I could love this much. Being a mom and having my own family is a dream. I wouldn't change it for anything. It is much better to wake up bright eyed, and filled with love with a loving husband at my side and a perfect healthy baby in her crib.
It's not always simple and sweet, it can be complicated and cranky but it's my life!
We're staying busy as bees and Lyla's Bee-day is coming up! More to come!