Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Life is getting easier and we are now becoming more relaxed with being first time parents. Lyla seems to be somewhat getting used to her surroundings. She still fussy quite a bit but she loves it when I make funny faces at her and keep her entertained. Just a few of the things she likes and dislikes:

When I say "goo goo goo"
Me touching her cheek and saying "silly!"
Her whole body being bounced and moved while I walk simultaneously.
Milk from me.
Her pretty pretty princess on her tummy time playmobile.
Going for walks in her Baby Bjorn (not all the time though...)
Looking at objects.
Being swaddled.
Her womb sounds bear.
Her bassinet at night time.
Mom & Dad and all family members.

Not having the center of attention.
Going to bed before she's ready.
Having gas and being constipated (big smiles!)
The first few seconds of car rides.
Unknown faces.
Feeling like she's falling (the morrow reflex!)
Tomatoes, and citrus foods that I eat.
When I change her outfit too many times.

These are just a few things about Lyla, man I love her!