Monday, July 28, 2008

Eat your Cake!

I love cake and everything that it entails. I love making someone feel good by baking them a cake. I love it when my cake is gone quickly, I love the smell, look and taste of everything about it. Cake makes me happy! I sometimes wonder why I'm not an artist of some sort. I want to be able to do everything imaginable that utlizes my creativity to it's fullest extent. Yesterday Jason and I went for a long walk and spent the day tooling around Kirkland. I could've stayed in Sur La Table for hours on end. He did have to nearly drag me out. I really would love to take cake decorating classes, but then I decided, I will just ask my dad (retired baker) to give me lessons! I am excited and want to learn everything he knows so I can take on his fine traits as well. So in my so called free time my next endeavor is to master the art of cake decorating. I already have a professional kit thanks to my sister in law. So here I come, let's eat cake!!