Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the season...

Tis' the season to be JOLLY!

Now, if only my sore throat would go away I would feel so jolly that I would sip on a glass of wine!
I feel like a kid again. Lyla brings out the inner child in me. I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas morning. I am so excited to see her eyes when she has a stocking full of goodies and presents to open. Yes, I know that she will most likely focus on the tissue paper and the boxes, but hey, it's going to be fun fun fun!
I think I'm almost ready for the big events. Christmas Eve will be spent with Jason's family via an Italian style dinner. My yummy homemade lasagna! We will play games, relax and open presents for Lyla. Christmas morning will be family time with only Jason, Lyla and myself (let the fun continue!) then later that day my family will come over for a traditional dinner of ham and potatoes.
Every night before I put Lyla to bed I tell her that Santa is coming and he is going to fly over the moon. He will bring her fun times and lots of presents. I let her know that she will have the best day ever! I rub her head, her belly and kiss her. She excitedly smooches me back and says "ANTA... MOOOOON".
Oh yes, Anta and the Moon are good.
She also loves opening up her advent calendar on a nightly basis. We sit collectively as a family and she opens the little cardboard door to a magical world of chocolate. She is then engrossed in the ability to take out the chocolate and eat it. She usually kisses both of us with gratitude for the mouthwatering sugar goodness. Oh, what fun.... I am definitely NOT a Grinch!
I hope your holiday season is just as delightful and magical as mine. I couldn't ask for more.

Happy Holidays!
Time to start baking!!!
P.S. Need wine? We have some! 
Another new years resolution is to promote my side business more, have wine, will travel!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

The story of SANTA begins

Our neighbors put up a 1980's plastic Santa in their yard. He made his appearance the day after Thanksgiving. Lyla fell in love the day after Thanksgiving. This begins the love story of Lyla and Santa.

Every night Lyla points to the windowsill and wants to be propped up to see Santa. She waves and says "HI". She kisses the window, blows him kisses and then proceeds to tell him "BYE". When we leave to run errands she says "HI" from her car seat and waves at him and sadly says "BYE" when he is out of sight. When I open the front door she points outside and if she's bundled up I let her walk across the street to give Santa his love. She hugs him, kisses him and stands to stare at him. We did end up knocking on the neighbors door and letting them know about the joy their plastic Santa brings to our daughter. We also wanted to let them know that we are not trespassing into their yard on a daily basis for no apparent reason.

With the above love story playing in my head I was fully prepared and excited for Lyla's date with Santa for her annual photo. After 40mins waiting patiently in line we were ushered in by two teenage boys dressed as elf's and no apology for the wait. Lyla was mesmerized by the workshop and said "HI" to Santa. I promptly put her on his lap hoping for an ecstatic reaction but the return was nothing but cries and screams for mommy. With my parents by my side we all waited with no avail. Lyla would not sit on his lap, next to his lap, or near him. Hence our beautiful Santa photo this year is the three of us (Me, Lyla, and Santa). After leaving, she turned her head back to say "BYEEEEEE" with a beautiful charismatic smile. To think about, I was worried she wouldn't keep her cute red bow in her hair (she hates hair accessories), that was the least of her worries.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's about survival in our house.

Times Square with the wind blowing our hair in NYC... so FUN!
The other day Jason came home and I was a bit frazzled. The house was sort of messy and I hadn't prepared dinner or gotten anything organized. I told him I was sorry that it was messy and he replied...."At least you survived, it's all about survival". This made me giggle because its' so true.

Each day it's about survival.

Her first sights of NYC
FAO Schwartz Heaven!!!
We made it to New York and back and we survived! I always stress out before I travel because I start thinking about how much stuff I need to bring, the diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, clothes, stroller, car seat, pack-n-play, money, wallet, etc. etc. (Phew, I just re-lived the anxiety surrounded with traveling) I have come to terms with the fact that time does not stop. So, on the plane we have to just hope that time flies by a bit faster because it definitely can't stop, even if at times it feels like it.

We had a great trip! There were a few rough patches in the road when Lyla got up super early or wouldn't go to bed, but that's okay. The highlight of our trip was the Bronx Zoo. We thouroughly enjoyed seeing each exhibit and Lyla did too!
We spent the trip at Jason's grandfather's condo, which is now his mom's/aunt's.
It was bittersweet.
I kept waiting for him to walk around the corner, it's almost as if I could feel his presence. We were able to visit his gravesite and leave his favorite flowers, dasies. I miss him so much and am glad we got to visit our memorable spots again. He is the person that made NY so memorable, he enabled us to travel there and to see the world. Going back made me feel that he was with us again and would be proud of us. I miss his everlasting, unconditional encouragement for Jason and I. He made us stronger as a couple and individuals. What an amazing man he was.

I think that so far we have survived without him here as a person but he is still in our souls. We LOVE you pops!
Outside of Popa's condo

Our favorite restraunt, Chef Antonios!

Times Square

Navigating the ZOO


Monday, November 15, 2010

She's growing up....

When I was pregnant, people told me "it will fly by" and I savored the moment. After I had Lyla everyone told me "it will fly by" and I still savor the moment. I don't need a reminder, I know that days whiz by and I take every second of it into my memory bank and relish in all my moments with Lyla. Don't get me wrong, I'm one busy lady but I have my priorities. I am realizing that I cannot be a size 2, I can't look perfect, and things won't always be as I envision them to be. Sometimes I have food on my clothes, my hair is thrown back and my car is filled with crackers, cheerios and snacks to the point where I may drown in carbs. That's okay, because then I can enjoy every second with my daughter. Yes, my photos are piling high and I can't scrapbook like I used to, nor can I make homemade cards for all the occasions, and I even forget some occasions as well (I'm sorry for that.)

On the flip side, I'm playing with Lyla, running around, spinning in circles, screaming, laughing, throwing our bodies on the floor, kissing, hugging, and chasing each other all over the house. Now, what's more important here?? I'm pretty sure it's all the active and  fun memories! So my extra love handles will have to wait a little bit so that I can run circles with my pretty little gal. So props to all you moms out there that can look perfect but my life isn't perfect. it's sweet though, and simply what I want.

Here's a quick update on Lyla:
She loves to sit in her crib and have every single one of her stuffed animals with her.
She runs, and does it well.
Her hair is getting thicker and has pretty curls!
She doesn't love chicken as much as she used to, but still loves to eat, and prefers new menu items daily!
She learned to sign "I love you" today! (it's so cute!)
She signs full sentences "more water please".
She roars like a lion when she sees a picture of one or her stuffed lion.
She absolutely adores READING, she prefers curious George books and the alphabet book. 
She makes the "ssshhhh" sign when she sees the wheels on the bus book.
She hates toe jam and says "ewwww" and will hand it to whomever is within reach.
She tells me when she wants to go to bed (usually 7pm) and goes without a fight.
She points at her teeth before bed to brush them.
She loves her cat, Rosie. 
She will randomly hug and pat me on the shoulder and kiss me, and it feels amazing. 
She mimics Jason sneezing. 
She is still nursing (that will end soon).
She says "hi" and "bye" and smiles.
She will shake your hand when she meets you. 

She is my life. 
She makes the world turn, spend some time with Lyla and you will feel sparks! 

Where is Lyla?
My family
The girls!
Such a serious little face.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Nail biter, Thumb sucker, Lip licker

I grew up as one of those little girls that sucked her thumb, bit her nails and licked her upper lip until it was chapped and raw. I specifically remember the stinging pain associated with this. I remember my mom and/or dad walking into my room at night (thinking I couldn't hear them) and them attempting to pull my whole support system out of my mouth, my THUMB.
It was my lifesaver! When I was sad, my thumb was there for me. When I was tired, my thumb was there for me, you get the point.....They even tried that polish on my thumb and nails that makes it yucky to bite, I went right through that like it was cake. I even would bite on my thumb so hard that it had a split in the middle of it, now it shows a faint scar from this past addiction.
Eventually I grew up, and I learned that it wasn't "cool" to suck your thumb when you are older. I stopped licking my lip but I continued to bite my nails.
This addiction did not stop until I was 24 and away in Montana doing an internship at an Indian Health Hospital. For some reason being stuck on a desolate reservation as one of the few non-Indian tribe members gave me the courage I needed to fight the addiction. This was also paired with the fact that it was -9 degrees, yes, NEGATIVE nine and I had big ski gloves on my hands at most times except when I was removing someones appendix or gallbladder when I had the luxurious sterile surgical gloves on. I was so excited to get my first manicure and tell my new husband (just married) that I had beat the dreaded biting addiction! I got them painted a pretty pink the day before flying home.
As with most addictions, there has been ups and downs and lately it's been a downer. For some reason (stress, life, running around, the lack of proper workouts, being a mom, working, household stuff, whatever) I have succumbed to the biting again! Actually I think I was biting one nail while I paused to write this.
The sad part of the story is that Lyla is now putting her hands in her mouth and munching down on them. This if anything should open up my eyes that I need to stop biting my nails. Just like some people (I'm not naming names) need to stop saying SH_T. Fill in the blank. Lyla copies all of this. She did say "Oh SH_T" after her blocks fell over the other day. (Bad mommy moment, I did laugh a little) I will add that it's not me saying this word it's someone else we live with (I'm sure you can figure this out).
So with a half smile on my face and my bitten down nails I am now proclaiming a new journey to stop biting my nails and to stop telling myself that my stomach looks fat and to stop being negative about some things so that Lyla does not take those traits on as well.
I hope that she takes on my other good traits (crafts, creativity, baking, cooking, card making, my love for learning, smiling, laughing, going for walks, and loyalty)

Okay, cheers to a new day and a new beginning of french manicures and smiles!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carnation to Kirkland, Cowgirl to Citygirl

Today was pumpkin patch day.

Jason, Lyla and I loaded up the car at 9am sharp!

We drove out to our favorite patch, Jubilee farms in Carnation.

I dressed appropriately, or so I thought.

Angela: Roxy boots, cute skinny jeans, white long sleeve top, sweater vest and my rain coat.

Lyla: Grey/Pink ruffled pants with coordinating plaid top, crocheted hat, pink jacket and sketchers.

Jason: Warm up outfit

Apparently Jason was the only one that dressed appropriate.

Okay, so maybe I should not have worn suede boots, because when I left they could have been considered mud boots. I did find out that Lyla and I are quite alike. When she fell forward and landed in the mud she immediately turned to me and said "YUCKY", she proceeded to hold out her hands for me to wipe them. I felt the same way, yucky when I was covered in mud!

We had a wonderful day, the best day of the season yet! Jason made fun of us being careful around all the mud.... but regardless we absolutely had a BLAST!

Our only family picture

Lyla enjoyed all the wonders of the farm.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The new workout

Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to go to the gym? You see, I love the gym. I love body sculpt and body pump classes and my muscles love it too. Right now my loose skin and extra adipose tissue would love a little gym time but it's soooo hard! Let me re-cap....
It was 8am on a Monday morning, perfect day for me to hit up the AM body pump class, why not? (right...)
I put on my pants, tank top and tried to suck in my tummy. I grabbed Lyla with her snacks and toys and off we went. We sang the whole way to the gym, my energy was great! I paid my five dollar fee for the use of the "Kids Korner" and walked in like I knew what I was doing. Meanwhile, surrounding me were experienced mothers. Yes, mothers that had kids that have been enjoying the daycare for ages and they know the routine. They joyfully wave their experienced fit and toned mothers away and off they go to play and shout with glee. (That could be me, right?)
Lyla's face went serious, she looked at me and signed "mom" and said "ma ma". I thought, okay... I can sit with her for a bit and make her comfortable. Yes, she was happy when I was there but each time I inched my little booty towards the exit she screamed (a mighty loud scream). The teenage girl looked woefully at me and said "you can try to go and she may calm down." I put my trust into this girl with multiple piercings and her hair in a ponytail, she must know what she's doing (right???). As I walked away all I could hear was the loud screeching cry of my daughter. I should have known then. I went into class, got set up, did my warm up ( a total of about 4 mins). Next thing was a tap on my shoulder,
"Miss, your daughter will never calm down, you are going to have to come get her."
Okay, okay, I left the class without a toned ab in sight and the adipose still slightly hanging over my champion tight workout capris from post baby. I picked her up, she hugged me, immediately stopped crying and we went home. I think I may have indulged in a pastry after this event.

So the story is, Lyla has not yet warmed up to the Kids Korner. So, my backup plan has taken place.
Drum roll please....Jillian Michaels 30 day SHRED is my new best friend.
It's only 20 mins of workout, and it's intense! Tonight I had a great time! Lyla dances when the music starts, she puts pressure on my back when I am doing push-ups (I'm sure she's just assuming I can handle the extra weight) and even sits on my belly when I'm doing sit ups. It's a little bit of play time together that I can benefit from. Yes, I still go to the gym on Monday nights when Jason can watch Lyla but on Wednesday nights he has school (getting his Masters degree in Business, so proud). So, this is my new workout.
So far I am feeling good, I just need to resist the temptation of all my cravings. I hope that when I stop nursing maybe my appetite will settle down a bit (fingers crossed).
A girl just has to have fun!
Happy Wednesday!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall is here and Lyla is falling!

I absolutely love the feeling of fall. The crisp air, the orange and yellow leaves, hot apple cider, baking pastries, pumpkin pie, candy corn, dressing up Lyla for Halloween, parties, crock pots, warm houses, scarves, watching movies on a rainy night, and Thanksgiving. I'm glad that fall has blessed us with it's beginning.

Each season brings new memories with my precious little girl. She is now 15months old and walking! She stumbles here and there and has her falls quite often but she is one confident little lady. I'm so proud of the person that she is becoming! Her short blond curls hang down her neck and bounce with each step. She reaches for my hand all the time and loves for me to walk next to her side. She will randomly walk up to me, hug me, pat me on the side and kiss me. She's so sweet. She also has the other side, the one that likes to pull my hair, bite, and scream so loud that I hear tones ringing in both ears. I love both of her sides, she's one happy little girl!

Life is good, fall is here and I'm ready for all the Holiday memories!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Language update

Lyla Gerosa Fulton
Age: Just shy of 15 months

{Actual word} Lyla's version
{Mom}Mah, Ma Ma, Maaaahhhh
{Dad} Da Da, Daaaaaaa, DAD
{Gentle} gengle
{Kitty} kekee
{shoe} sssho
{chicken} shiken
{more} mo
{hot} haaahhh

Sign Language
All done


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh NO!

Oh no!
This is Lyla's newest sentence and she's ready to use it at all times. Unfortuantely that was my saying of this past week.
What a way to start my 31st year.... Oh NOOOOOO!

Friday morning we set out for a birthday weekend celebration at Crescent Bar. This is a annual trip that my husband and I take. Usually we go to Leavenworth (that's where I will go next time after this disaster, I think it was a sign). 
It all started out like the perfect little family vacation. We packed the car early, stopped for some wine tasting on the way and sang sing-a-long songs in the car as a family. 

When we got to the condo, we unpacked, and headed out for some pizza at a local joint. That was yummy! We then relaxed on the lawn, let Lyla play in the grass and then took a dip in the pool. We ended the night with a retro movie--- Caddy Shack. Good times.

The next day (Saturday) was the day for Diana and Doug (her boyfriend) to arrive. Their arrival time approx. 11am. So we had my home-made blueberry muffins for breakfast with some yogurt and headed out for a nice long walk. Lyla was a chipper as ever! When the gang arrived we quickly showed them the wineries that I loved (JONES in Quincy) and then hit the P O O L! The kiddie pool was calling Lyla's name. She sat, played and had fun. Nap time was soon to come, and she fell asleep on the floatie with da-da in the pool. After a quick nap and 3 hours at the pool we started to wrap it  up. I ran to the bathroom (literally) and opened the door so quickly and forcefully that I ripped off my RIGHT BIG TOENAIL! OH NO! This was just the beginning to my 31st year.... it only gets worse....
After I ran back from the bathroom to announce my major injury, I took one look at Lyla and knew something was WRONG. Her eyes were dazed, her face was beat red and she was starring at me with no hint of emotion. I announced "we must go back" "Something is wrong with Lyla".

The night proceeded to be projectlie vomitting, fevers of around 104 and higher, packing up the car to leave in an emergency, then un-packing when her fever broke, staying up all night with a crying sick baby who kept saying "Oh No" when she would wake up and them immediately sign milk. We made it through the night and headed home for the LONG drive on Sunday.
Happy Birthday SUNDAY... I turned 31, Lyla had a raging fever, we were exhausted and she wasn't looking any better. We took her to Children's and ended the everlasting weekend with a diagnosis of COXSACKIE virus aka Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. Oh No!
Today is Tuesday, she's still fighting the fever and the Doctor says it should only get better after today. She hasn't been eating much except she is nursing on a constant basis.

All I have to say is Jason and I are a good team. Oh YES! We made it through this difficult time of vomit, sweat, crying, no sleep, lost toenails and feeling scared out of our minds.

What did I learn?

  • Guilt is paired with your child's sickness, what could I have done to prevent this? (maybe I shouldn't have set her on the floor of the above winery picture... germs galore!)
  • When your baby is sick it literally feels as if it is the end of the world. Everything starts spinning.I feel out of control.
  • It's hard to make a decision but always trust the motherly instinct. There really is such a thing as motherly instinct, I'm learning it.
  • There will be far worse problems than this. This is merely training. Training for the flu, the first broken bone, and many other unimaginable things.
  • Getting your toenail ripped off hurts. It is worse than giving birth, that was cake!
  • Be kind to your husband, you must work well together.  It all starts at home.
  • All we have is eachother, be there for one another. Family comes first. 
  • Hugs and back rubs make the body feel good. Lyla told me.
  • Birthdays don't matter when you have a little one, being a loving parent does.
  • I want more vacations with just my hubby and baby! We have the best time together!
Oh by the way, we even nick-named ourselves the "FEVER CRANKS" due to the high fevers and crankiness... LOL!
That's all folks! We're on the MEND.... I can feel good things coming.... I know it! God is guiding us to bigger and better things.