Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason!

Today is my darling hubby's 34th Birthday! Happy Day to him!!! We went out to dinner on Friday night with our close friends and celebrated at the Beach House Cafe and tonight we will head to dinner with his mom. He woke up bright and early for work and was out of the house before 7am. Even at the end of my pregnancy I wanted to make him his favorite breakfast, waffles.... but he decided on Peanut Butter and toast. So that's what the birthday boy got, the best peanut butter and toast he's ever had. He even said that... really. He mentioned that the ratio of peanut butter to toast was perfect. Man, I lucked out on a wonderful husband!
I'm off to start my day and will have a Happy Birthday Banner waiting for him when he returns home with his gifts and all! He deserves the best because he is the best. Happy BIRTHDAY JASON!!!! Lyla and I love you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Day of Work

I can't wait!!!!! Today is my last day of work for three months which is bittersweet. I'll be back in September. All my life I've worked, worked and worked some more. I worked my little butt off to become a PA at a young age and start working in the profession that I always dreamed of. Recently, I found my High School Yearbook. At the end of the yearbook it had a section where you write down your hopes and dreams. Believe it or not I was so prepared and excited that I wrote down I wanted to be a Physician Assistant. Well, I did it! So, this is a new chapter in my life and the next dream I had. To have a little girl, and she's on her way. (Hopefully!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

What to do.... So much to do....

One moment I wonder, what should I do to get ready and the next moment I realize there's nothing else I can do. After dinner last night I pulled up to Babies R Us in the Expected Mother Parking spot. FYI: This is like handicap parking for pregnant women. I think every store should have this. I picked up my protective car seat cover so that I can have the car seat packed and ready to go. Now it's just little things. You may think it's ridiculous but I packed Lyla's own suitcase. It's a mini one.... pink & brown.... given to me by our wonderful friends Ania and Christian. I think it's meant for decoration but I thought I might as well get some use out of it. Now I just wait. I wait for Lyla to be ready. I think she doesn't mind living in my belly so who knows when she will come!

Jason seems quite excited too. This morning I told him my stomach hurt (not contractions but a dull ache) and he nearly jumped out of sleep and said "For how long, what do you mean? Is it bad?". Then I felt bad for giving him a heart attack and told him to go back to sleep. Poor guy. I hope I have a video camera ready when I go into labor so I can tape his expression, it will be priceless!

So, what to do.... I'm going to get my hair done today, see the Doctor, relax and do a lot of nothing!
Ta Ta!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The time is nearing....

Only about 2 1/2 weeks left. The way I feel is indescribable. I have excitement, anxiety, fear, nervousness, and most of all I feel so much love. What I can say is that each and every day I wake up and wonder "Is today the day?". It can happen anytime now and Lyla will bless us with her presence. I just pray for a safe, healthy labor and a healthy happy baby. I've packed my bag, re-packed my bag, edited my bag, debated on Lyla's clothing, and starred at my bag in disbelief.

I have her room pretty much ready, clothes washed, bedding on, bassinet by my bed, swaddle and burp blankets ready, diapers and wipes, cream and shampoo, and some of my sanity.

So I will try to continue my daily activities as normal and ignore the backache, stomach cramps and sciatica if that is possible.
Maybe I'll go for a long walk tonight to get her moving and shaking!