Monday, April 9, 2012

Conversations with Lyla

I've said it a million times over and I'll say it again.

Lyla amazes me.

Here are a few recent conversations that have touched me immensely.
We have been so blessed with an intelligent, healthy, beautiful girl. I knew I wanted Lyla before I had her. She is our everything. God prepares wonderous things if you leave it in his loving hands. The conversations I have with Lyla touch my heart.



 It was a Monday afternoon as we drove down 405 to our weekly Gymnastics class. As always, Lyla sat anxiously awaiting her running, tumbling and jumping. I peered at her in the rear view mirror and she sat with an intelligent smirk as she gazed out the window.

Lyla: "Mom, let's talk..."
Me: Ok, what do you want to talk about?
Lyla: "Let's talk about TREES"
Me: Sure, what do you like about them?
Lyla: "There are a lot of trees, A LOT. I like the big ones, the ones with branches. They are short and tall. Mama, what do you like?"
Me: I like trees, but more so, I love you.
Lyla: "I love you much mom, sooooo much."
Me: Silent. Tearful. Thankful.  


We have been preparing Lyla for preschool. She starts June 19th. It will be a big day, a scary day, a sad day, and a triumphant day. The scary and sad part are going to be my reactions. I can only hope that Lyla enters with her confident self, and leaves the same confident girl that we have raised. It is the outside world that can be scary, when a parent puts all their control and hope into another individual, it's scary.

Me: Lyla, pretty soon you will be going to school, it will be great! You will have friends, and play, and you'll love it!!!
Me: I'll pack you a lunch, you can eat with your friends and teachers, and learn, as well as play... you'll LOVE it!
Lyla: "Mom..... I can't go to school, I just can't."
Me: Why?
Lyla: "I'm not bigger yet." "I'm small."
Me: In thought:  (please stay small, I wish time would stand still),


Another day on the road....
Lyla: "Mama... look at that crane! WOW! It's so big!!!!"
Me: It sure is!
Lyla: "What do you think they are building?"
Me: In thought: (What 2 1/2 year old thinks about future construction building??) "Lyla, they can build anything, that's the great thing, it may be a store, a house, a barn or even a fairy princess house."
Lyla: "Wow mom, that's beautiful"


If you know my husband Jason, or me, then you know how much love we have/had for his Popa.
He was a very influential part of Jason's upbringing and life. He was an amazing man. He made us stronger, he helped us become a powerful Christian couple, and I can't even begin to say enough positive things about him. He met Lyla twice, once in my belly, and once two months after she was born. He passed away soon after meeting her. We are lucky that he was able to meet her and guide us through so many milestones in our lives. With that said, we have always told Lyla about him. As we talk about all of our family members to Lyla.

Lyla before bed one night: "Popa... what him like, what him like?"
Me: Well, Popa was loving, kind and your great grandfather.
Lyla: "Him's dead?"
Me: Yes
Lyla: Oh. Him's my popa.


My parents are deaf. I was raised in a deaf household. That has made me the person that I am today.
Take it or leave it. :) I have many qualities that I attribute to this upbringing.
Lyla has been raised to sign. She can sign quite well (yes, I'm bragging).
She has a book that she can sign all the words in and she's proud of that.
We also occasionally go out in public and use only sign language. It's fun!

Lyla: "I love Na Na and Pa."
Me: Yes I know, they love you!
Lyla: "Nana and Pa, why's them deaft?"
Lyla: "Yes mama, why's them deaft?"
Me: God made them that way.
Lyla: "Oh."

The Little Things

Here are a few little things she says that I love.

Mommy, I'm sorry if you don't feel good.
Mommy, Mommy, This is the best day ever!
Mommy, I love you much, soooooo much.
Mommy, da da go to work and we play all day!
Let's just rest, relax and watch a movie.
Are Deeee and Doug coming?
Mama... you so beautiful.
You look just beautiful.
Mama, it will be okay.
Mom... wait, listen, let me touchamilk, just one second.
I hafeta poop! I hafeta poop!

The joys, the simple pure joys... I love being a mom!