Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adenoids anyone?

We've had one sick girl on our hands lately!
I'm not joking when I say that she's been sick since September, she really has.
After many Doctors visits, three ER visits and more than 150 nights of interrupted choking, snoring, tossing and turning nights we have found out that Lyla will most likey need surgery to have her adenoids removed.
The above collage depicts a family full of smiles and laughter. We are definitely that, but I can add that the night prior to this I picked Lyla up from school and was vomited on numerous times.
Sometimes looks can be deceiving. 
We still smile and we still have fun.
As the Fulton family, we don't want to be stopped!

Many thanks to all those that have helped us during Lyla's rough patch.
We are anxiously looking forward to her feeling better and being a "healthy, happy" three year old girl~!
By the way... have you ever been deprived of sleep for three years? I can't imagine how Lyla feels but I can tell you it's been hard on all of us.
Lack of sleep really puts a toll on the brain cells, I'm eagerly trying to accumulate those back again.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nighttime Prayers

In our home we pray.
We try our best to make it to church and praise the lord.
We try, and when we can't be there in person we are there in our hearts.
In our home we pray to be loving, kind, sweet and empathetic.

Lyla prays at night and her prayer last night was sweet.

DEAR GOD... (brushes hair off face)
 If you're interested.... if you are.... I can make you a present, one that you would never give away.
If you're interested.
I love you GOD.

Good night.

I'm interested!
Are you??

On a separate note, Lyla has been going through a bit of separation anxiety with school.
She does not want me to drop her off. She would rather be at home with me playing, cooking, and painting our nails. Unfortunately, I can't do that when I need to be at work.
This has put a major strain on me emotionally.
She cries (I'm talking the loud, snot dropping, tears everywhere, hair pulling cry).
By the time I walk out of that preschool I'm a mess.
She's a mess.
Now, I'm crying....
So each night I pray that it gets better.

Today Jason brought her blanket and teddy bear with her.
He's a firm believer in the "Drop and run" method that he's created.
For some reason that doesn't work for me as I can't run from my tearful little ball of joy (and snot).

If you've experienced this, does it end?
I'll keep it in my prayers tonight.


xoxo Photobucket

Monday, March 18, 2013


"Mom, Why do you love me so much?"
 Lyla asked me this morning.
Oh... I could go on for hours and hours.
Instead I said:
 "Because you're my girl. I grew you in my tummy and you are me and daddy in one little pretty thing and I love you all the way to the moon and back." 

She threw her arms and, kissed me and said:

Now, every day isn't simply this sweet but today was!

Who do you love to the moon and back? 
Tell them today to make someone warm and fuzzy inside. It's a good feeling.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mini me-cation

This is what matters.
My little one smiling.
My hubby happy and content.
Me adoring my little one and hubby.

My family, it's small, it's mine, it's life.

I'm taking some time during this dreary winter rainy Seattle season to focus.
Focus on myself for once, and only take it one day at a time.

For a living, I give to others, I take care of others.
It's part of my natural personality and now is time to give to myself.

I've de-activated Facebook for a bit.
Time to stop reading other's life stories and focus on mine.
It may sound selfish, but it's what I've got to do.

I've got so many positive amazing things in my life and lots to look forward to this upcoming year.
This month has started out right with Jason's blood work levels coming down to near normal.
After six months of Chinese herbal medicine it's the only thing that has worked.

Do you focus on yourself ever?
Do you sometimes get too carried away with stress that is handed to us daily?
Sometimes we all need a little mini me-vacation.

I think 33 may be the age of my first mini-me-crisis so I'm stepping in and taking control.
Here's a little quote from a blogger that I love to learn life lessons from.

Little Miss Momma... check her out! You'll learn some life lessons.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

White Hair

We all get old.
We all die.
It's sad. It's the truth.
We can live our life thinking that we are going to die or live knowing that we are living the best life possible.

Lyla always has been an old soul.
She cares.
She deeply, TRULY, cares.
She has empathy like no other three year old. I live my life through her eyes and it's brighter.

Last night I was reading Lyla the book "I'll Love you forever"

In the book the mom gets old, but always holds and rocks the baby.
Here's my conversation with LYLA:

Lyla: "Mom, why is the mamas hair white now?"
Me: "Well when you get older it turns white"
Lyla: "So when you're old, you have white hair??" Me: "Yes"
Me: "What's wrong??"
Lyla: TEARS STREAMING.. Crying, very SAD FACE "I saw white on nana's head, in her hair! Nana has white hair! OH no! She's gettin old!!!! I don't want her old! She can't be old and she can't die!" HYSTERICAL CRYING.
Me: "Nana is fine. I'll tell her to dye her hair"
Lyla: "Okkkkk.... can she paint it please?"

Man, that girl is amazing. She loves like no other person I know. Photobucket