Thursday, February 19, 2009

Her name is Lyla

The weeks are flying by! I can't even keep track. I just sent out an email saying it was week 21 and I was a week behind. Oh well.... time flies. We all know this. Last week we had our last ultrasound. She looked amazing, the 3-D photos showed little Lyla turning, rubbing her eyes, yawning and most of all, kicking me non-stop! She doesn't have much room in there. I feel great and apparently she does too. Now that we know it's a girl for sure, we'll start the nursery. Wish me luck!
Hugs from all three of us,
Angela, Jason, Lyla and little Rosie the cat.


Sadie said...

These are incredible, even after two it still amazes me! She's beautiful, can't wait to meet her!

Rosanna said...

You can already tell how gorgeous she is! We're looking forward to watching your family grow.