Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We all freak out.

Sunday brought new beginnings. Lyla stayed in her Church playroom class for the entire time without us.

Did she put up a fight? YES
Did I feel guilty? YES
Did I want to run back in and grab her? YES
I dropped her off as I usually do and the teacher (Karen) said "Hello again Lyla, AND Mom".
Yes, it's always "and Mom" because I stay with her and then eventually take her out.
Well when she went to run and play I left.
Oh man, the guilt.... it was only an hour. How am I going to make it with preschool drop-off in five months? (Okay lets not get ahead here)

Anyhow, we ran back after Church to get her and she was quite happy to see me in a subtle way. She hugged me and held me. She was still a bit tearful and the teacher said she clung to her most of the time. I told her how happy I was that she was a BIG GIRL and spent time in class. She proceeded to show me the picture she colored.
Then she said the heart jerker...

"Mom, I stay in class, Mama Dada go to church, I...I...I...uhhh... FREAKED OUT!"
Yes, we all freak out, it's okay. I do it daily. She definitely takes after me. xoxo Photobucket

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