Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I dropped my daughter off at my sister in law's house so I could run some errands.
Rarely do I do this.
Rarely is Lyla apart from me besides when I work.
I love being with Lyla no matter how hard some days can be.
When I dropped her off she was squeezing me tight.
She looked at me and said...
Be careful mommy. Drive careful.
It's really wet out there.
Oh, my little two year old is so loving and kind. I am so glad she has such a HUGE HUGE heart.
She loves with all of it.
She will hug you, rub you, and tell you that everything will be allright.
She will call you sweetheart, honey and beautiful.
She will make you feel loved ALL OF THE TIME.

So once again, have a little bit of Lyla and your day will be brighter!
It's those small things that count.
On these dark dreary days, that's what keeps me going.


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