Thursday, March 22, 2012

Babies and Buddies

Laura has been my friend since I met her.
What I mean by that is when I met her I knew we would always be friends. We always have. We don't fight, we don't argue, we don't back stab. We could go weeks without speaking due to our busy lives but when it comes down to it, she would be by my side if I needed her. I could only hope that she feels the same. We did the typical High School things together, dances, parties, etc. Then we moved on and eventually found our way to living with one another. We went through times of laughter and difficulties, but we always had fun. We always laugh.....we laugh so hard we cry.

My point of this  is to tell you that no matter how much time or distance comes, babies or no babies, friends are a must have. Laura now has a little blessing named Jakson. He was brought into this world by the most amazing parents, and I am so happy for them. Now, Lyla has a buddy....little Jakson. I can only hope one day they laugh and cry together (and not just a tantrum cry).
She lives an hour away, and we don't have time to talk much, but when I see her I feel like it was yesterday all over again. God blesses us in many ways and for that I'm grateful.

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