Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nighttime Prayers

In our home we pray.
We try our best to make it to church and praise the lord.
We try, and when we can't be there in person we are there in our hearts.
In our home we pray to be loving, kind, sweet and empathetic.

Lyla prays at night and her prayer last night was sweet.

DEAR GOD... (brushes hair off face)
 If you're interested.... if you are.... I can make you a present, one that you would never give away.
If you're interested.
I love you GOD.

Good night.

I'm interested!
Are you??

On a separate note, Lyla has been going through a bit of separation anxiety with school.
She does not want me to drop her off. She would rather be at home with me playing, cooking, and painting our nails. Unfortunately, I can't do that when I need to be at work.
This has put a major strain on me emotionally.
She cries (I'm talking the loud, snot dropping, tears everywhere, hair pulling cry).
By the time I walk out of that preschool I'm a mess.
She's a mess.
Now, I'm crying....
So each night I pray that it gets better.

Today Jason brought her blanket and teddy bear with her.
He's a firm believer in the "Drop and run" method that he's created.
For some reason that doesn't work for me as I can't run from my tearful little ball of joy (and snot).

If you've experienced this, does it end?
I'll keep it in my prayers tonight.


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