Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hopes and Dreams

Sometimes I sit and daydream about things I want to do or accomplish. Not big things just small stuff. Here's a few:

1. Have a themed dinner party with cocktails, dressing up and have everything be creative and simple.
2. Sell my handmade cards.
3. Make my wine business big, creative, outstanding and fun.
4. Learn to cook from scratch like a pro.
5. Take pastry lessons.
6. Learn to decorate a cake like a pro.
7. Learn to decorate cookies like you see in the bakeries.
8. Scrapbook more.
9. Take more video-tape of my life and my family thus far.
10. Learn how to use Adobe and make my pictures look pretty.
11. Take a photography class.
12. Exercise in some way every single day.
13. Have a family portrait taken.
14. Go to Walla Walla and wine taste for a weekend.
15. Learn to swim instead of just paddling around to save my life.
16. Overcome my fear of water.
17. Go on a road trip across the United States in an RV.
18. Take dancing lessons with Jason.
19. Be a mom.
20. Have one recipe made by me that others crave and request.
21. Meet new people.
22. Laugh Often.
23. Volunteer again for homeless medical needs.
24. Stay at home all day and have a movie marathon and not feel guilty.
25. Decorate my house and have it look good!

To top it off.......... my daily routine of loving life, God, my family and enjoying the small things. It's simple, sweet and my life!

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