Friday, January 9, 2009

What a Holiday Season! Snow, rain, floods, food, family, friends, cleaning, relaxing, and being jolly. Everything I would imagine for a typical Holiday season. I had a great time doing all of the above. I am trying to savor every second of time as a married couple with no kids. We are truly enjoying one another while anxiously awaiting the birth of our first baby! I can't wait for everything but at the same time I'm scared, freaked out, nervous, and have no idea what to expect. I'm pretty sure these are all normal feelings.

It's official, I put in for my maternity leave time and my new schedule for when I return to work. That made it even more realistic! I also went maternity clothes shopping with my mother in law. Thanks to my friend Sadie she lent me some marvelous clothes as well. So I think I'm set for now and can breathe in more relaxing fit clothing.

Jason and I are heading off to New York at the end of the month and hope to have a few more little trips before the small one comes. Just to enjoy our time. Every day so far is an experience to say the least. My resolution is to embrace my pregnancy, my body and the changes that are happening to me. It can be hard but I'm going to love it from this point on! Now that I am actually starting to look pregnant and not like I have a big beer bloat it may be easier.

Ta Ta for now!


Sadie said...

Ahhh, look at the little 'wee one' trying to appear! So cute...takes me back to my pregnancy with Levi. Any plans for a baby shower? I would love to help with one for you either way...

Zoe said...

LOVELY new skin!
Lovely you, too!