Thursday, April 30, 2009

49 Days, Really?

I can't believe I only have 49 days left. This is now flying by.

I just got home from class number 4 out of 5 of our Labor and Delivery instruction. Tonight we learned different coping mechanisms with ice cubes. Let me explain. The moms held ice cubes in our hands for the length of a contraction and practiced the diffent ways to cope with this. Now I've never had the desire to hold a freezing cold ice cube in my hand, but it is annoying. What I learned is that my best coping mechanism is to visualize. I can put myself into another location and day dream. The easiest spots for me to visualize are Maui and Puerto Rico. These are two locations that I love and dream about being on a regular basis. Jason was able to hold a simple dixie cup up and I visualized a beach, me running, snorkeling, having a mai tai, relaxing and even myself tumbling down the waterslide at our favorite hotel in Maui. It was during this coping technique that I barely felt the ice cube freezing a hole into my hand. Now my least favorite was the mechanism that entailed nothing. This was me just sitting there with no one to hold my hand, talk to, or even soothe me. So I know what I want....a dixie cup!

Lyla is growing rapidly and moving even quicker. She's a shaker, and a dancer! She loves it when I sing, talk or just babble (which I tend to do). She's a little over 4 pounds now and I can sure feel it. Her weight makes it a bit harder to stand for prolonged periods. I've learned to sit in between seeing my patients if I can at work, and to drink lots of water and her favorite, juice. So, we are both growing and happy. Even our tulips outside are growing, God is amazing!

Last weekend was my first BABY SHOWER. It was so much fun and was so fast. It reminds me of a wedding, all that planning that people go through, the time, effort and excitment.... and then it's over in a matter of hours. I tried to savor every moment of it. This shower was thrown by my Office Manager and dear friend, Michele. She was so gracious to open up her house to nearly 15 girls from our office (almsot everyone at work!) including my sister Diana and cousin Rosanna. The most touching part of the shower was that each person wrote me a piece of advice for motherhood which included their picture. All of the words of wisdom will be bound into a book for me to cherish forever. It's the simple things I love, and this is one of them. Not to mention Lyla got some stylish gifts and even a hand held color video monitor so we can keep close tabs on her. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful workplace and co-workers.

What's next? Life's whizzing by.... I have my friend/family Baby shower on Saturday! My sis Diana and Mother in law have been planning for months, no joke. They have thoguht of every detail and immersed themselves in making this a special day. We can't wait for it! I know Lyla's jumping for joy!!

Life is Good.
Ta Ta for now!

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