Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The other day I recieved the best compliement, "you look like a watermelon in that shirt!". It made me smile, and still makes me smile. Little Lyla is bulging out like a watermelon and the green striped shirt I was wearing really showed her off. Her movements are so distinct now that I can see her hands, feet and elbows moving against my stomach. It's an amazing sight! I love being pregnant with her. She's just a lovely little Angel.

Updates, Updates.... It's been hard to find time to write with being so busy so I'll do my best to update you on our life and Little Lyla's life as well. She officially has a pale pink room with beautiful chair rail and cherry wood furniture. Jason and I successfully put together the crib with my direction and his labor. Now we just need a mattress and some bedding to go in there!

We have completed one class of Labor and Delivery as well as a breastfeeding and day about baby class. A few of my highlights are:

"Pump and Dump": If I want to have wine I must pump it out of my system and dump it as well as wait about 10 hours to breastfeed, therefore I'll have to stock up on milk for those special events!

"Turn the Pump on Low at first": Moms, you'll understand this one...

The labor video the first night of class with a visual example of labor (i.e. a ribbed turtleneck, some of you know this story): This left everyone in class sitting with their mouths wide open!

Jason's wonderfully funny and wise questions: "Will I need to buy pads?" "Can my wife eat cake at night or will it go through her breastmilk and keep the baby up?" "Can she have wine?" Gotta love that guy! He truly cares about me, those questions rock! I love cake and wine!

To end this blog for now I have my good news that all my labwork was normal. My Iron and Diabetes tests were normal. My Doctor says I rock (those are my words) and after comparing my pregnancy with others in my class.... it's been a BREEZE! I'm so lucky that Lyla is so good to me and I feel so great. I love being pregnant!!! When can I do it again?


Sadie said...

No 'bump'(picture)update?? :(

Glad to hear all is going so well!!!

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