Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last week I set down Lyla on the living room floor to go grab the laundry. She has a new technique of yelling that is quite loud and heart wrenching. She loves to make her voice known. Well, when I stepped away, there was no yelling (strange) but I heard a loud "Maaaaammmmmmma". Yes, that's right, she said mama! For the last few weeks she's been toying with da da da da and a few ma ma's here and there but no specific outcry. This was the best feeling. I had goosebumps and heart flutters, she made my day and my week. I'm so proud to say I'm the mama of little Lyla.

Life has been whizzing by between working and being a mom and a wife. It's pretty much like having three jobs.
Job #1: Wife, this entails taking care of my cute hubby with dinner, cleaning, loving, cuddling, and trying to look pretty for him (i.e. showering and applying makeup).
Job #2: Mom, this entails cleaning poopy diapers that look like the food digested that day such as orange, green or brown, bouncing, bathing and cleaning all creases that can collect odd things, laundry, bouncing, breastfeeding, bouncing, playing, laughing, bouncing... did I say bouncing?
Job #3: Lead Dermatology Physician Assistant this entails taking care of patients and all of their various dermatologic needs (i.e. skin checks for skin cancer, acne, warts, rashes, cosmetics,and lasers), maintaining lasers and office needs.

I enjoy all three of my jobs. Now, I just need to find a little time for myself. I guess that would be Job #4? Since the new year started I've tried to focus on working out, feeling better about myself and getting everything organized. I love being organized!

I always heard my patients tell me throughout the day that being a mom would make life fly by, but I didn't realize it until now! My jobs are taking over, but I LOVE IT! I'm a wife, mom, professional, daughter and friend to many.
I hope I can be the best at all of the above!

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