Sunday, February 28, 2010

We made it!

I boarded the plane for the first time in my life with anxiety, the fear of the uncontrollable, there was no turning back.... I had to get on the plane and hope that Lyla would not loose control mid air while sardine packed between people at all angles. I was all prepared with my diaper bag, aka mommy's lifesaving trinkets. My first job was to disinfect the seats with my wipes including all the tray tables. Shortly after this was done I had each toy prepped and ready for Lyla's pleasure. Her yellow duckies (yes, plural, she love them both), Peter the pelican, and the light up handheld radio were all waiting for her to play with. Next job, gourmet food ready for engulfing. On her menu was pureed pears and sweet potato puffs. Okay, so I sound pretty organized, right?? Still my stomach was turning. I'm not sure why but my inner fear was that of her screaming the entire plane ride and people wanting to kill me. Okay, so to put it bluntly I was scared of being judged. I think this fear came from my past times of flying and hearing the babies cry and feeling somewhat annoyed. The fact is, I am now on the other side. I'm the mom with the baby that doesn't like to sleep for hours, the baby that loves to talk, holler, and dance. She lets the world know she's alive and her name is Lyla!
Two and a half hours later I realized I was alive and we made it. It may be a blur but we made it!! She did great and she is an attention grabber. Don't get me wrong, she was not quiet, but she was my little Lyla and she did wonderfully. Now, time to prep for our Hawaii trip this summer. I don't know if I'll be able to make it four and a half hours without at least two of the mini trash white wines for sale... they're good for something!

The trip was a blast, we had so much fun with Jason's family just relaxing. The weather was perfect. Not too hot to make me sweat and worry about the radiation on my innocent baby and not too cold that we had to wear our jackets. We had delicious blackened fish tacos, ice cream, wine, Karin's home cooking (Jason's step-mom) and lots of laughs. We can't wait to go back for some Laguna Beach fun!

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