Monday, June 7, 2010


So many funny things have happened to me lately and each time I think to myself "I need to write about that."
So, here I am, writing about that...
I went shopping the other day for my hubby's Birthday gift and while I was out and about I thought I would stop at Starbucks. I love me a skinny cinnamon dolce latte, yum! Lyla had been on her best behavior shopping for 2 hours. I thought I would get her a treat. They had these organic pureed foods at the counter that come in a convenient squeeze tube. I read the package and it said "Ideal for ages 6 months and upwards, the fruit can be enjoyed straight from the pouch - no spoons required!! " Sounds great, right? I thought so. While I was waiting to get my delicious drink I thought, why not squeeze Lyla a little bit while I'm waiting? She loved it! Her eyes lit up and when I went to squeeze more she grabbed the entire pouch and used all of her might to squeeze it EVERYWHERE, stroller, shirt, hands, face, my hands, hair.... and of course I had to choose the mango blend, so it looked similar to those baby blowouts she used to have. I took it in stride and laughed to myself while trying to pry the pouch out of her wet, orange hands. She immediately started screaming, she wanted it back! The other customers weren't too happy, they simply stared at me without even a grin. (thinking to myself: They must not have kids, nope, they just don't get it.) We proceeded to the back of Starbucks and I pulled out the nice chopped organic chicken I had brought for Lyla and she now seemed pleased. What an adventure!
Next, is my mind. I am consumed with thinking about Lyla's birthday. It's not even that big of a deal but I'm just so excited. Maybe I'm filled with excitement because I'm alive? I made it ONE FULL YEAR and we are all alive. Lyla is safe, I didn't do anything horribly wrong and I still look somewhat like a past resemblance of myself. I think that's it, I'm proud of my husband and I for making it through a year. A year of a colicky baby, a fussy baby, but a beautiful, charming, intelligent little princess as well. It's been a roller coaster and I never know what turn is next but at the end, I always want to jump back on! Bumble bee birthday party, I'm buzzing to get started!!!


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