Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Lyla

Dear Lyla,
I knew I loved you before I met you.
You entered my life with perfect bliss. You graced me with an amazing pregnancy and your little kicks gave me the giggles. Little did I know that you would come out with a bundle of energy that would blow me away. Almost one year ago I had you. I was the first to pull you into my arms. I couldn't wait, I even grabbed you before you were ready to come out. It was then I knew that you would change my world.
When you smile, your eyes disappear. You can curl your tongue look right down at it with glee. You adore being adored. You are always looking for smiling faces and loving hearts as well as warm hands. You always want to be held. No matter what is going on, you want to be in my arms at all times. The love I have for you outweighs anything I would have previously thought. I can have a million chores but I dream of sitting with you, staring at you, breathing with you, kissing you, holding your little hands and toes. You are a gift from above.
I would much rather sit at home with you than be anywhere in the world, honestly. You are breathtaking. The look you get on your face when you see something new is that of wonder and excitement. When you eat a piece of dirt or grass, you look right up at me and try to spit it out. You are so intelligent and alert. Even at ten months of age you take the time to analyze a persons face and respond to their mood. You love to point at things, especially the smoke detector and dad when he's sleeping. You know where your little button nose is and you scrunch it and blow really hard in and out to show it to me. You have four teeth and they are the cutest little chic-lets I have ever seen. You have learned to stand up on your own and shout with glee and then bounce yourself onto the pillows with joy. You can also do a little dance with one foot while holding onto a chair if the music is right. Your abilities are endless. Keep it up girl!
Lyla, I hope you always know that I love you.
You have made me a mommy and opened a closed part of my heart.
I'm still learning every day, so please be patient with me. I may be over cautious and worry all the time but you are my little girl. I think about you all day, and can't wait to see that big smile when I get home. On my days off we always have the best girl time, it's unsurpassed. We shop, talk (babble), eat, play, jump, swing, twirl, scream, laugh so hard I cry, kiss, make messes and we don't care what's going on around us.
Thank you for being you.

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Clementine.Kate said...

I love my daughters just like you do.
Hang on to the joy and love; they grow up and if you blink ... gone.
Love, Mom