Tuesday, May 24, 2011

100th post!

I couldn't help it, I just posted and saw that I was at my 99th post... I had to make it to 100! Wow, I can't believe I have actually written in this blog/journal for one hundred entries! That pleases me.

My goal in starting this blog was to keep an online journal of my life. It may be sporadic, but at least I have some proof of my thoughts and doings on a regular basis. I love love love to read other people's blogs. I could sit for hours and read crafty decorating blogs all day long. I can't do that because I'm a mommy and a PA. Don't get me wrong, I'm at home right now and it's 8:47pm and I just got done reading the Tom Kat Studio blog to get inspired for Lyla's Birthday!

If you know me, I love themes.
I wish I had more time to create parties, events, and celebrations and I guess I would need endless money to do this.
Anyhow, the theme is.... (drumroll please)
Invites made by myself with the help of my crafty Silhouette SD
Her party will be held at her favorite gymnastics location and we will have orange and pink decor. Lyla loves her gymnastics class, she loves her family and friends and loves loves loves cake and ice-cream! I think it will be a blast!

I hope to make some cookie pops via the tutorial I just read at Sweetopia and also package up my favors for the little munchkins soon. Time to stop reading and start CRAFTING!

Can't wait to run around with my little on!
There is always reason to celebrate!


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