Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love him.

I can only imagine my life one way.

The way it is now.
I wouldn't change a thing.
God has blessed us.
Life is how it should be.

Jason loves me unconditionally.
In all my ups and downs.
The frizzy hair, food stuck on my bum, oily face and headbands.
We have been through rough times.
We were on our honeymoon in Mexico with a penny to our name.
We made it through with bread and peanut butter and had the best time of our lives.
He watched me deliver our blessing, Lyla.
He stood with open arms and was a proud Daddy.
He laughs with me, and at me.
He brings me up, he makes me stronger, he encourages my dreams.
He tells me I'm beautiful daily, usually multiple times.
He loves to get me flowers almost weekly.
He is so lighthearded and always upbeat.
You won't hear him gossip, be negative or malicious.
He honestly has the largest heart out of anyone I know.
He loves God and our family.

Am I lucky or what?

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Zøe said...

Two peas in a pod.