Monday, June 20, 2011

Pretty in Pink and Orange

Lyla's birthday this year was at her favorite location, Northwest Aerials. My hubby requested a party away from home this year as we have a lot going on at our house. So I agreed with hesitation. Why you may ask? I don't like time frames and deadlines. I knew this would be a quick party.... but that wouldn't stop me from creating a THEME and a fun atmosphere!

Pretty in PINK and ORANGE Gymnastics Party for Lovely Lyla!

Invitations created by myself and my nifty Silhouette SD 

Lyla's party shirt created by myself and again, my Silhouette (that thing does it all!)

Hairbows/Headbands purchased via The Bitsy Beau, you absolutely have to style the whole outfit!

Favors included recycled crayons in pink/orange via Ivy Lane Designs with lots of other goodies (stickers, play dough, balls, bubbles, and of course stylish glasses), put together in a bundle by little ol' me.

Sweet Treats were so fun to put together! Candy Warehouse

Sneaking some sweet treats!

I made a few extra crafty things for the party such as Lyla's inital "L" with modge podge and some accessories as well as a home-made frame in the party colors of course!

I used my Silhouette to create the letting for her signs and banner. The banner showed a picture of Lyla each month of the last year. It was my second year creating a yearly banner and I hope to do this until she starts putting up a fight. Even then, I may continue!

After all the prep and planning, I felt super organized! We had the BEST TIME EVER!

All the adults ran/played/jumped and had so much fun! We were dredged in sweat by the time the party was over. Ready for some food!

Pefect timing for favors and cake.
We sat down to enjoy the fabulous cake created by my father/Pa for little Lyla.

I feel so blessed that I have the time to be my crafty self and pamper my beautiful girl.
She absolutely loved being with everyone that she adores on this special day.
The whole way home she sang with glee...

Thanks to all that made it, I couldn't ask for better family and friends!

Lots of love!
p.s. I did stick with the theme and have a mimosa when I got home, also chilled some nice Rose. 
The pink/orange crew
Angela, Jason and Lyla


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lu said...

Love it lady--> What a fun way to celebrate. You look like you are having such a good time. Hoping things are great and looking forward to your next post. xo