Monday, September 12, 2011


Jason and I have been praying that his acute pancreatitis was a fluke, or induced by some sort of virus. 
The unfortunate part is that it wasn't. 

His levels are still remarkably elevated, much higher than normal. This means something is wrong.
He either has chronic pancreatitis or something else that is triggering his levels to be so elevated. We were hoping for good news today and we didn't get it.

What does that mean? Prayers please!

We are staying strong as a family and a couple and pray that this will be something that is benign. Something that can be fixed. Something that is not scary.
The Doctor said a few worrisome things. He said we should be worried. That until we find something benign, we should worry. Well that's not very nice! I think he should practice how he reveals his bad news. This isn't quite so reassuring. What is worrying going to do? Cause me to seek some sort of anti-anxiety pill? 

So for now, Jason is on a LOW FAT diet to save his pancreas. I'm learning to cook again, and especially low fat now. Coming from someone that loves to bake and from my hubby that loves pizza, this is life changing!

Say a prayer! We'll be eating fat free fudgesicles around these parts for the time being.


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Joanne said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Ang. I hope it's something easily fixed. The MD needs to revisit bedside manners!!