Monday, October 3, 2011


Since this whole Pancreas thing came about I've changed our diet. We have always eaten healthy but now we're on a 25g of fat or less per day. Last night when at my sister in law's house I noticed that Balsamic Vinaigrette has 9grams of fat per serving! Jeez! I've changed everything about the way we eat, but it's GREAT! I think we're actually eating better now than we ever did before. Just because something is LOW-FAT doesn't mean it's not full of flavor. So, because I'm so nice, I'd love to share with you my fabulous finds!

HUNGRY-GIRL: My new obsession. I bought three of her books. I'm just saying that the brownie cheesecake swirl really only has 1.5grams of fat/serving and it's de-lish! Why not mix pumpkin instead of oil/eggs/butter, it tastes much better that way!!!

SKINNY TASTE:  Not all these recipes are low-fat so I've had to sort my way through but I've found some yummy ones. Take note of the pumpkin muffin in the left hand corner! Tis' the season for pumpkins and fall treats! This one made me fall over with gratitude. Thanks to all those bloggers that enjoy low-fat cooking, I enjoy making the recipes!

As for the family update... Jason's pancreas is hanging in there! For the first time his levels were lower. (perhaps I was right and it's the 0.86% chance that the Zyrtec caused it?? Dare I say??) His Endoscopy was fine with mild Gastritis and he has his follow-up with the specialist tomorrow.

Now, what to make for dinner tonight?! Hmmmm.....


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