Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Motherhood reality

Have you seen them?
Have you met them?
Are you one of them?

I'm talking about those moms that look like it's all perfect.
Their hair is smooth and their body firm.
They walk by you in the latest fashion with their kids dressed to the nine, (and how do they get those bows to stay in their hair??)
They tell you that their kids nap in their crib at the same time every day and put themselves to sleep.
Their houses are always clean and there are no crumbs in their car.
They appear to have it all put together.

They are out there, but I'm not one of them.
Here's my suspicion, they may have extra help at home. Maybe a nanny that's there when they don't work or even family that puts in an extra hand on a regular basis. How else could their abs be so firm and why don't they have frizzy hair?

I usually just trot past them with my frizzy bangs, workout pants with the occasional dried booger or banana on them and chipped nails. I always smile. That's what I do.
Deep down I'm wondering how they do it.

Is everything really perfect?
Do they go home at night and cry?
Do they complain to their husband but no one else?
Do they have to get up in the middle of the night and sing "Wheels on the bus?"

I'll never be one of those moms.
I won't tell you things are perfect.
I won't say that I sleep great or that my daughter does.
I won't hide my truth.

Here's my TRUTH:
The truth is that it can be hard.
Beautifully hard.
It's hard to watch my baby cry, it makes me cry.
When the corners of her mouth turn town and her face turns pink I want to kiss her and hold her to make the pain go away.
Even if it's for something silly.
I ache when she aches.

The truth is that it is breathtaking.
It's heart stopping to watch my daughter play with her toys. It makes me melt, I don't want to move.
I want to freeze time.

The truth is that Lyla doesn't like hair bows. She pulls them out.
She usually gets spaghetti sauce on her cutest clothes and I sometimes forget to put oxi-clean on it.
She likes to put my hair in a ponytail, which in reality is a messy frizzed up ball that she feels satisfied with, and I leave it that way to please her.

She hates going to bed. Hates it. She would rather stay up and play with Da-Da and I for hours.
I sing her to bed each night. Until she is passed out and snoring. I don't mind it.
I LOVE it.
I love holding her hand while she sleeps.
I love cherishing the moments.

I am one of those moms that wants her with me at all times.
I love going out to dinner with Lyla.
I love traveling with Lyla.
I love being with her and Jason.

So the point of my rant is that not all moms are perfect.
It's okay. Even if you're reading this and you appear to be one of those moms I'm speaking of... I know you have tough days.
It's okay if your baby doesn't sleep through the night or if you would rather be at home playing with plastic animals then at happy hour.

Cherish it... they are only babies once and you can never ever go back in time, ever.

With that said, I can't wait to go home and paint and play with Lyla.
This is THE LIFE.
I will always tell you the truth.



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Zøe said...

You are the best Mom I've ever seen. And most people who know you would agree. Amazing is what you are.