Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simply Overdue

I haven't written for a while.

It's been way way way too long.Simply because my day is filled up with fun things, like making my daughter's breakfast look cute!

Life has been taken over by running around in princess dresses, going on vacation to Maui, new preschool adventures, gardening, and did I mention running around in dresses??

A few brief updates:

I've gone dairy free. So now my baking is VEGAN. Jason is getting used to this, very slowly. I went to my Doctor after multiple stomach issues for years of my life and they had me food allergy tested. No surprise, I'm severely allergic to Milk, Eggs and highly allergic too all other dairy products including whey protein. So I'm on the road to recovery and I can feel it. It feels nice not to have stomach pain on a daily basis.
Vegan strawberry cake for Lyla's Birthday

We went to Maui. ... I wanna go back, pretty please?!

Jason's pancreas is stable. His levels are still elevated but he feels great! He can have a beer or a glass of wine now.

Lyla is a toddler girl. She's no baby. She's in a full size bed, and started preschool.
I cried when we changed her bed. Such a little thing but a big impact on me.
First day of School

Life is taking over, we are living in the moment and I haven't had time to blog.
Now's my time to catch up! 

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