Sunday, July 8, 2012


I wish I was supermom.
I wish I could do everything that I imagine in my tiny little head.
If I actually had time for my inner creativity to take action I think it would be incredible.
I would learn to sew.
I would learn to paint.
I would bake more often.
I would scrapbook all of Lyla's pictures.
I would make toddler activity packs.

If I had more time I would workout more.
I would have abs and be super fit.
I would wear the latest fashions.
I can envision it all, I just can't do it.

I don't have the time and honestly can't make the time pop out of nowhere.
When I do have time I snuggle with Lyla.
We play with dolls and squinkies.
We do crafts and paint.
We bake together and eat plenty of chocolate chips while we're in the midst of madness.
We hug.
We laugh.
We tickle one another.
We sing silly songs.
We run around like "TIGERS".
We paint nails.
We wear princess dresses and twirl in the living room.
We go to cooking classes and gymnastics.
We talk.
We garden.

So now that I write it all out I know what I want.
I want what I have.
I love what I have.
I have a husband who is loving, kind and pure.
He would never hurt a soul. He's truly genuine and sweet.
He ALWAYS puts me first.
I have a daughter that has a HUGE heart and soul full of kindness.
I also have love of my own, love for others, for my family, for God, for my work.

So, I love my life.
I hope you can love yours too!

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