Sunday, November 30, 2008


24 pounds, wow, that's a big turkey! Well I did it, a mere nine hours later the bird was finished. Thank goodness for my dad, it's just comforting to have him there and know that if there's a major disaster that we can fix it. Which did happen without anyone knowing. I must have had the water a bit too warm in one of the batches of his famous rolls and they didn't rise. I'm so glad we made 4 batches of rolls, we definitely were not short any rolls even with the mishap of throwing out a batch. Eleven guests, three tables put together, one turkey, rolls, mashed potatoes, jello, cranberry sauce, turnips, two pumpkin pies and two apple pies later with a little wine and berry juice it was over. The day I've planned so long for was completed. It was a blur. I'm so glad that my dream came true and I was able to host Thanksgiving for both of our families at my new house. It was perfect! I loved bringing both of our traditions to one table full of laughter and fun. We had puzzles, movies, lounging and relaxing as well. The whole day was just what I would have wanted for a traditional Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful for my family and... for my new baby to come. Yes, it's all going well and I can thank God for it, and I did at church today... over and over.... I'm so thankful.

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Zøè said...

I felt like was the best Thanksgiving in my life!
You are a great hostess and, wow, everything was perfect!