Monday, December 8, 2008


Yes! I'm pregnant. I'm finally in that "second trimester" period where I can open up my mouth and tell everyone. Although, Jason started telling people that he didn't even know immediately. He just was so excited he couldn't keep it in, not suprising! No morning sickness, just the opposite, I like to eat. Eating makes me feel better and not sick so I'm trying to be healthy and eat wisely. My main complaint is my skin. It's red, flushed and looks like I have a rash. Of course working in Dermatology doesn't quite help me any. Every day people ask me "What's wrong with your face? Were you in the sun? Did you have a laser done? Do you have a rash?" Well just so you know, that makes it worse. I flush more when that happens! So, I'm trying to accept it and realize things could be a lot worse. I'll just call it the Pregnancy "GLOW" for now, like Jason does. Good thing my husband is so nice. He likes the glow. I sure hope my little pickle likes it too! Why is my baby called pickle you may ask? Well it all leads back to the dream. Before I found out I was pregnant, I awoke to Jason one morning and he said "I met our child." It was such a strange statement. He had a dream that I was pregnant, I gave birth and was sitting on the living room floor with a little girl with thick hair, bangs and cute lips, she laughed and said "TICKLE!!" and Jason replied, wow, she said Tickle. My response was... NO SHE SAID PICKLE!!! Now it's our little Pickle. I think it's amazing that he had that dream before we even knew. He's amazing.
Gotta love the Pickle and the Glow.
That's all for now.
God Bless.

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