Saturday, December 20, 2008

Prego Update

Just a general pregnancy update... I feel fine! Everyone asks me how I feel, I don't think you truly want the honest answer to that so for the most part I feel "fine". I don't have morning sickness, I don't have nausea, I'm the polar opposite. I love to eat. My energy is finally creeping back which is a lifesaver. I literally had a few days where I didn't even want to get up off the couch. For those of you who know me, that's not my typically personality. I'm a Type A personality, go getter, busybody, workaholic, crafter, cooker, wife and friend. I love doing things for others and making people smile but that's been a bit hard lately.

By the end of my ten to eleven hour workday I do my best to go to the gym and take my body sculpt class which brings me to my first stranger appreciation. I was waiting for class when one of the ladies came up to me and said "please don't get mad if I'm totally off, but are you pregnant? (babble babble...) I'm just so used to seeing you and your petite body and it looks like you are pregnant!". Just to throw her off I said no, but then I let her know the truth, made me smile. I guess I'm officially showing now. I know my pants can sure tell I'm showing. Time to shop, very soon.

The last update is they say it's a GIRL! You know, being so early they never truly know but the Ultrasound Tech was pretty darn sure and said to have my girl name ready to go. By the end of the ultrasound she said she was positive, so we'll see! She was a great Tech and I hope to have her each time, she even snuck on a little 3D showing of the little one. She was dancing, moving her arms, bouncing over and over again and even switched sides. What a busy girl! She takes after her mom I guess.

That's it for now!
As always, more to come.

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Sadie said... sound like my pregnancy with Levi. Worked the entire pregnancy and worked out everyday. Perfect! Hope your little lady keeps this perfect thing going for you! :)
I have a ton of darling maternity clothes inclduing some super cute 7's. Your welcome to go through everything if you like. :)