Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days and Sick Days

Wow, it's sure cold out! Thursday we got a major snowfall and thank goodness I was off work! There's no way I could have driven in that snow. So instead I spent the day outside, by myself, sledding. Typically my husband would have been the first one out the door but he's got a horrible virus that has kept him in bed for about four days. I won't give you details, but he can't eat and is very fatigued. We got him to the Doctor on Friday and started on some anti-nausea pills so now he can at least eat. So.... I ventured out on my own! I went for a walk to Kirkland and had some Starbucks coffee while I sat and watched the snow fall, then I headed to the grocery store to buy Jason some remedies and soup. On my trek back home I only almost bit the snow about three times, whew, close calls. Finally I made it back to the bottom of my hill and a little boy came running up to me. "Miss, can I carry your grocery bags?" What a sweetie! I can only hope my kids have manners like that, I just wanted to hug him!

Our work Christmas party was cancelled, Diana's 30th party cancelled, everything is snowed in. We managed to make it out to the Keg last night for dinner to celebrate with Diana. Poor Jason sat and starred at his food rather than ate it, but it was a blast!

Today, back to my typical Christmas Crafts. Gotta love the snow and sick days! Sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to stay home.

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