Friday, June 5, 2009

What to do.... So much to do....

One moment I wonder, what should I do to get ready and the next moment I realize there's nothing else I can do. After dinner last night I pulled up to Babies R Us in the Expected Mother Parking spot. FYI: This is like handicap parking for pregnant women. I think every store should have this. I picked up my protective car seat cover so that I can have the car seat packed and ready to go. Now it's just little things. You may think it's ridiculous but I packed Lyla's own suitcase. It's a mini one.... pink & brown.... given to me by our wonderful friends Ania and Christian. I think it's meant for decoration but I thought I might as well get some use out of it. Now I just wait. I wait for Lyla to be ready. I think she doesn't mind living in my belly so who knows when she will come!

Jason seems quite excited too. This morning I told him my stomach hurt (not contractions but a dull ache) and he nearly jumped out of sleep and said "For how long, what do you mean? Is it bad?". Then I felt bad for giving him a heart attack and told him to go back to sleep. Poor guy. I hope I have a video camera ready when I go into labor so I can tape his expression, it will be priceless!

So, what to do.... I'm going to get my hair done today, see the Doctor, relax and do a lot of nothing!
Ta Ta!

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