Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The time is nearing....

Only about 2 1/2 weeks left. The way I feel is indescribable. I have excitement, anxiety, fear, nervousness, and most of all I feel so much love. What I can say is that each and every day I wake up and wonder "Is today the day?". It can happen anytime now and Lyla will bless us with her presence. I just pray for a safe, healthy labor and a healthy happy baby. I've packed my bag, re-packed my bag, edited my bag, debated on Lyla's clothing, and starred at my bag in disbelief.

I have her room pretty much ready, clothes washed, bedding on, bassinet by my bed, swaddle and burp blankets ready, diapers and wipes, cream and shampoo, and some of my sanity.

So I will try to continue my daily activities as normal and ignore the backache, stomach cramps and sciatica if that is possible.
Maybe I'll go for a long walk tonight to get her moving and shaking!

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