Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Day of Work

I can't wait!!!!! Today is my last day of work for three months which is bittersweet. I'll be back in September. All my life I've worked, worked and worked some more. I worked my little butt off to become a PA at a young age and start working in the profession that I always dreamed of. Recently, I found my High School Yearbook. At the end of the yearbook it had a section where you write down your hopes and dreams. Believe it or not I was so prepared and excited that I wrote down I wanted to be a Physician Assistant. Well, I did it! So, this is a new chapter in my life and the next dream I had. To have a little girl, and she's on her way. (Hopefully!)


Joanne said...

Enjoy your time, Ang! My leave went SO FAST and while I enjoy the challenge of work, I do miss being home to see the milestones my little girl is reaching. It's a tough balance!

Zoe said...

You started babysitting at 12. And since Farm Labor laws allowed you to work at 14: you were a pony-wrangler, party server and, of course, a CLOWN.
I'm proud of you, daughter,we were poor but that didn't stop you.
Youngest, ever, to be accepted in P.A. school and graduated with honors.

Now you're going to be a wonderful Mother!