Saturday, October 10, 2009

Choo Choo!

Today was Lyla's first fall outing. We headed to Remlinger Farms with the Whitworths. What a wonderful day filled with fun!! Lyla's favorite ride was definitely the train... choo choo! It was the last ride of the day and she settled into her Dad's lap and just watched the scenery with glee. She was so content that I decided maybe we need a train in our house? Is that possible? My favorite picture is of Jason, Lyla and I in the school bus. It's just perfect. Angela smiling....Jason smiling....and Lyla letting us know that she was done posing for the camera in these ridiculous cut out prints.

The day started with Starbucks coffee and Grace took on the canoes right away. Shortly after we went to the petting zoo, not so scary haunted house (note to self, do not bring strollers through the not so scary house...) and then it was lunch. The afternoon ended with Grace's first roller coaster, Lyla's first ride in an Antique car then off on the train. We had so much fun and this is what family is about. Love, laughter, adventure, and memories. Choo choooo!

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