Friday, October 16, 2009

In memory of Pops

I wanted to let you know the sad news that Popa (Jason's grandfather) passed away yesterday.

Most of you know that Popa was an influential part of our lives, especially Jason's. He regarded him as a Father, mentor, loved one, friend and ultimately the one person that was there for him at all times, day or night. He would answer the phone in the middle of a meeting to talk to Jason, no matter where he was or what he was doing, he was there for us. Jason grew up going to his house every summer and striving to be so much like his Grandfather. When Jason would win an award at work or when he got a promotion he was quick to call Pops and let him know. So much of Jason's positive, ambitious, hard working and caring attitude is from his Grandfather. I can thank him for making such a wonderful man and husband. I am so lucky.

Popa looked at life with an optimistic attitude. The grass was always greener on HIS side and he was always happy to share that outlook with everyone that stepped into his life. His family came first in every situation, no matter what was going on. He wanted everyone to enjoy the finer things in life and the simple pleasures. He would say "don't worry about me... worry about yourself". "Eat slow... enjoy the moment." "Stop and smell the roses." He would always stop to smell the roses. Some of you may laugh when Jason does simple things like stop to smell the flowers or take a pause to let everyone know around him what a wonderful day it is and how we should cherish it, but that's what makes an amazing person. He got that from his Grandfather.

He was here for the biggest moments of our lives. On our wedding day, Jason walked to the song "unforgettable" as recommended by Popa. He took us to Maine as part of our Honeymoon and showed me where his loving memories were with his wife. We also went to Italy with him where he showed us a world we would have never experienced. We sipped wine in Tuscany with Pops on the lawn and spoke of our lifes ambitions and he encouraged us to always strive to be the best people we can. He came out here for my graduation day and always told me how proud he was of me. He made me a better woman and wife.

The strong marriage that Jason and I have has been blessed and influenced by Popa. He showed us that marriage is about love, support and it takes work to have a great marriage but in the end family is what makes the world turn. More recently he was here for our 5 year Anniversary. He celebrated it with us, while meeting his great-grandaughter, Lyla, for the first time. He said a speech at dinner and let us know how proud he was of Jason and I. The fact is, I am so proud that I could be a part of his life for 7 years.

He was a Father and Grandfather to Jason, a Grandfather to me, and Lyla's Great Popa.

Please say your prayers for him, and for Jason and his family.
We are all so blessed to have had such a loving, un-selfish, caring, amazing man in our lives.
Squeeze those you love today.
Much Love & God Bless,

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Joanne said...

Ang, I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. However, I have no doubt that you all have many beautiful memories of time spent with him - which you'll think back to fondly in the years ahead.

Keeping you in my thoughts.