Monday, August 16, 2010

Baking brain lapse

I love to bake.
Now that I have Lyla, I have one more reason to bake and cook, for her enjoyment. I am lucky that I now have two people that love to eat the food I make. Lately I've been forgetting important steps in my baking. Do you think it is because I have a 13 month old running around at my feet pulling on my leg, saying "mom, mom, mom" or am I just getting Alzheimer's?

The first event was making yummy zucchini muffins, I tried to substitute whole wheat flour for enriched white (making it healthier for my babes), but little did I know I added a bit too much, so they turned out to be more like plain muffins with a tint of zucchini. I may have also not added enough zucchini. So, this time, my cake stand had leftovers (this is rarely the case!).
The next event was my famous banana crumble top muffins that are gone in seconds, this time I forgot to add the extra whole wheat flour so they were super sweet! Luckily, being too sweet is usually not a problem. Less than 6 hours later one mini-loaf and about 20 mini muffins were devoured by myself, my hubby and the little gal.
I learned through these baking extravaganzas that Lyla likes cucumbers! The fresh cucumber from the fridge kept her busy for a good ten minutes, just enough time to whip up some treats for the family!

I guess my skills will slowly start to come back. I'm already planning my whole wheat blueberry mini lemon muffins for our upcoming weekend trip. Lyla love them and they are a healthy version!

P.S. I also made the carrot chips from Weelicious and sat on the deck with my gal, ate chips, sipped wine, and enjoyed life!

3 Carrots thinly sliced (mandolin slicer)
Salt to taste
250 degrees for 45-55 minutes until the edges turn up and are crispy
Yum! I absolutely heart Weelicious !!!


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