Monday, August 9, 2010

News Update

So many exciting things have happened recently! I know, I know... I always say that.

The monkey walk
Last week on Thursday 8/5 Lyla and I were playing in the living room. I was eating a delicious mango Popsicle that I generously shared with little L, she was in mango heaven with me! She did her little scoot to the other side of the room, looked up at me, stood up and walked right over. Yes, that's right, WALKED right over. She was serious and wanted another lick of the treat! I hugged her and starting laughing and yelling with glee! She loves it when I laugh and she started laughing too and doing her cute little momma imitation yell as well. We simply stood there, hugged one another and enjoyed the moment. I then proceeded to place her back in her original position and tempt her with the mango pop... it worked! She walked again and then threw herself at me laughing and screaming, so I joined. What  fun night! Also, how lucky am I to see her first steps?! As a working mom, I never know what I'm missing and I like to keep it that way sometimes. So, if you know for a fact that she walked prior to this, don't tell me.

Signing up a storm
Lyla is excellent at communication. Her list of signs include:
Mom (smile)
Milk (she will sign this quite aggressively if needed)
More (more chicken of course)
Bed (yes, she now tells me when she wants to go to bed)
Bath (clean up that sweat from the day!)
One simple hand/wrist turn that I'm unsure what she is signing but is done quite frequently.
She also signs "MORE MILK"
I started teaching her sign language when she was born. I may not sign everything I say to her, but I try to do quite a bit of signs. She responds now and even imitates what I do. She's one smart cookie! Of course, every mother thinks their own kid is the smartest...right? But really, Lyla is the smartest one on the block (we have no other kids on our block). LOL!
In all honesty, I think that Lyla is so wonderful at telling me what she wants, and when she wants it. I'm officially raising a smart, independent, beautiful little girl that is amazingly happy.

One Year already?
Man, I brought Lyla in for her well-child-check and she was off the charts, literally! She was above the 100th percentile for height which she clearly doesn't get from me. She was around 90th percentile in weight. Dr. Eichner went on to assure us that we are parenting well and following all the proper guidelines that come with raising a child. Our grade: An A+, he actually did give us a grade.
Lyla had her shots, got a snoopy band aide and went home to cuddle up to mommy.
Every day I'm amazed at how fast the time flies (hence not having time to write as I would desire in this bloggy blog)
I enjoy having one child. I love spoiling her. I love working hard to provide her with the best life possible, and the best wardrobe... this  year is good.


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