Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh NO!

Oh no!
This is Lyla's newest sentence and she's ready to use it at all times. Unfortuantely that was my saying of this past week.
What a way to start my 31st year.... Oh NOOOOOO!

Friday morning we set out for a birthday weekend celebration at Crescent Bar. This is a annual trip that my husband and I take. Usually we go to Leavenworth (that's where I will go next time after this disaster, I think it was a sign). 
It all started out like the perfect little family vacation. We packed the car early, stopped for some wine tasting on the way and sang sing-a-long songs in the car as a family. 

When we got to the condo, we unpacked, and headed out for some pizza at a local joint. That was yummy! We then relaxed on the lawn, let Lyla play in the grass and then took a dip in the pool. We ended the night with a retro movie--- Caddy Shack. Good times.

The next day (Saturday) was the day for Diana and Doug (her boyfriend) to arrive. Their arrival time approx. 11am. So we had my home-made blueberry muffins for breakfast with some yogurt and headed out for a nice long walk. Lyla was a chipper as ever! When the gang arrived we quickly showed them the wineries that I loved (JONES in Quincy) and then hit the P O O L! The kiddie pool was calling Lyla's name. She sat, played and had fun. Nap time was soon to come, and she fell asleep on the floatie with da-da in the pool. After a quick nap and 3 hours at the pool we started to wrap it  up. I ran to the bathroom (literally) and opened the door so quickly and forcefully that I ripped off my RIGHT BIG TOENAIL! OH NO! This was just the beginning to my 31st year.... it only gets worse....
After I ran back from the bathroom to announce my major injury, I took one look at Lyla and knew something was WRONG. Her eyes were dazed, her face was beat red and she was starring at me with no hint of emotion. I announced "we must go back" "Something is wrong with Lyla".

The night proceeded to be projectlie vomitting, fevers of around 104 and higher, packing up the car to leave in an emergency, then un-packing when her fever broke, staying up all night with a crying sick baby who kept saying "Oh No" when she would wake up and them immediately sign milk. We made it through the night and headed home for the LONG drive on Sunday.
Happy Birthday SUNDAY... I turned 31, Lyla had a raging fever, we were exhausted and she wasn't looking any better. We took her to Children's and ended the everlasting weekend with a diagnosis of COXSACKIE virus aka Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. Oh No!
Today is Tuesday, she's still fighting the fever and the Doctor says it should only get better after today. She hasn't been eating much except she is nursing on a constant basis.

All I have to say is Jason and I are a good team. Oh YES! We made it through this difficult time of vomit, sweat, crying, no sleep, lost toenails and feeling scared out of our minds.

What did I learn?

  • Guilt is paired with your child's sickness, what could I have done to prevent this? (maybe I shouldn't have set her on the floor of the above winery picture... germs galore!)
  • When your baby is sick it literally feels as if it is the end of the world. Everything starts spinning.I feel out of control.
  • It's hard to make a decision but always trust the motherly instinct. There really is such a thing as motherly instinct, I'm learning it.
  • There will be far worse problems than this. This is merely training. Training for the flu, the first broken bone, and many other unimaginable things.
  • Getting your toenail ripped off hurts. It is worse than giving birth, that was cake!
  • Be kind to your husband, you must work well together.  It all starts at home.
  • All we have is eachother, be there for one another. Family comes first. 
  • Hugs and back rubs make the body feel good. Lyla told me.
  • Birthdays don't matter when you have a little one, being a loving parent does.
  • I want more vacations with just my hubby and baby! We have the best time together!
Oh by the way, we even nick-named ourselves the "FEVER CRANKS" due to the high fevers and crankiness... LOL!
That's all folks! We're on the MEND.... I can feel good things coming.... I know it! God is guiding us to bigger and better things.


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