Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carnation to Kirkland, Cowgirl to Citygirl

Today was pumpkin patch day.

Jason, Lyla and I loaded up the car at 9am sharp!

We drove out to our favorite patch, Jubilee farms in Carnation.

I dressed appropriately, or so I thought.

Angela: Roxy boots, cute skinny jeans, white long sleeve top, sweater vest and my rain coat.

Lyla: Grey/Pink ruffled pants with coordinating plaid top, crocheted hat, pink jacket and sketchers.

Jason: Warm up outfit

Apparently Jason was the only one that dressed appropriate.

Okay, so maybe I should not have worn suede boots, because when I left they could have been considered mud boots. I did find out that Lyla and I are quite alike. When she fell forward and landed in the mud she immediately turned to me and said "YUCKY", she proceeded to hold out her hands for me to wipe them. I felt the same way, yucky when I was covered in mud!

We had a wonderful day, the best day of the season yet! Jason made fun of us being careful around all the mud.... but regardless we absolutely had a BLAST!

Our only family picture

Lyla enjoyed all the wonders of the farm.


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